Friday, May 17, 2013


Today is the day.
I am an official graduate!
Don't ask me where the time went...because I have NO IDEA!
I was born and raised a Hokie and I wish I could stay at Virginia Tech forever (seriously) but I am excited for where my future will take me.
I am so excited to get to work in grad school and then look forward to having my own classroom shortly thereafter, which I'm sure will have it's fair share of maroon & orange.

I am so thankful for what these past four years have provided me with & I will look back on them with many smiles.
To everyone who helped me along the way -- thank you <3
my cap!

Feeling incredibly blessed!
Time to celebrate!
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Keeping Dry

Is this rain ever going to end?
Had to whip out the bean boots, yet again.
Right now I should be in shorts & sandals. What the bump.
As long as Mother Nature gets all of this out before graduation, we're good.
Keep your fingers crossed for me...

Happy Wednesday, y'all!
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This is it.

4 years, 8 semesters and many classes last day of classes at Virginia Tech is here.

I never used to believe the whole "time flies" saying.  When people would tell me to enjoy college because it flies by, I would smile and say "Okay!" but always thought they were crazy.
Because for a while, time moved really slow. I thought college would take forever.  Sophomore year turned to junior year at the speed of molasses.  I saw graduation as a tiny little bit of light at the end of a very long tunnel.  Especially after changing my major twice freshman year, I thought I would be here forever catching up.  Not that that was a bad thing, since I am absolutely in love with my school.
So I just kept on keepin' on...

But here I am...about to pack my backpack for the last time, take my last walk to campus and sit through my last 75 minutes of academics at Virginia Tech.
Afterwards, I'm going to spend the rest of my very last meal plan at Hokie Grill - I'll never get to have Chick-fil-A on the meal plan again...
Then I'm going to make the long stroll back to my apartment and try to not cry my eyes out as I wonder to myself WHERE DID THE LAST FOUR YEARS GO?
I honestly feel like it was 3 days ago that I was googling where "Wallace Hall" was located and wondering how on EARTH was I going to make it there from McBryde in 15 minutes...
To all the young and/or future Hokies out there - or really any college students - do not waste this precious time you have been given. LIVE IT UP! Take your academics seriously, but take absolutely every amazing opportunity you run across.  Have lunch with every single one of your friends.  Go to silly campus events, make a midnight run to WalMart and PLEASE always take a study break to go to Sweet Frog.  This is your chance to live life with no regrets - to try something new, just to say you did - to find a new hobby - to really change your life.
Time literally does fly by when you're in college.  And I'm not just saying that...believe me :)

Okay, I'm off! Wish me luck! ;)

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