101 in 1001

On August 22, 2011 I began my first 101 in 1001 list.  I was able to complete 54 out of the 101 things.  I decided it was time to start fresh with a brand new 101 in 1001 list.  This list represents everything that I want to do for myself and for others in the next 1001 days.  I will be crossing off as I complete them so feel free to follow along! xo

101 in 1001
Start Date: February 8, 2014
End Date: November 5, 2016

1. Graduate with my M.A.T. & teaching license BOOM, baby! I graduated on December 15, 2014.
2. Find a teaching job :) 3rd grade! June 2015
3. Adopt my first fur baby My sweet little TUCKER! From the animal shelter. June 2015
4. Send someone flowers Sent Mom flowers for Valentine's Day 2015
5. Start a teaching blog
6. Travel somewhere brand new
7. Share a zip code with Steven
8. Throw a party in my home
9. Create gifts with my calligraphy December 2014, for Christmas
10. Organize my email accounts
11. Buy a new car September 2014, 2014 Hyundai Accent!
12. Send someone a care package
13. Go to the Georgetown Drybar
14. Go on a picnic
15. Run a 5K Blacksburg Classic - February 14, 2015
16. Run a 10K Monument Ave 10K in Richmond, VA - March 29, 2014
17. Run a half marathon
18. Run a marathon
19. Complete a sprint triathlon
20. Upgrade my iPhone August 2014, iPhone 5
21. Visit the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta
22. Meet a blog friend
23. Start a Life Project scrapbook Materials are purchased and the first page is done! - June 2014
25. Surprise someone
26. Go to a MLB game Phillies @ Nationals - June 4, 2014
27. Get a massage
28. Go to a concert Fall 2015 - Brett Eldredge and Thomas Rhett. Swoon.
29. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC
30. Have a game night With Kelsey, Steven, Sarah, Dan, etc. January 2016
31. Host a Pinterest party
32. Go museum hopping in DC with Steven
33. Create a master list of my children's books In progress! Taking a while!
34. Find a perfume that I like
35. Cook Steven his favorite dinner
36. Go on a girl's trip with my Mom
37. Lay on the beach July 2015. OBX.
38. Give up soda I have given up caffeine and most dark sodas...it's a start
39. Go fishing
40. Do a photo shoot
41. Add 20 recipes to my recipe box
42. Help someone with a project
43. Grow my hair out
44. Print some favorite Instagram photos
45. Go to a waterpark
46. Learn a new hobby
47. Own a DSLR camera May 2015. Graduation gift. Thank you Dad and James!
48. Make a Pinterest recipe February 2015 - One Pan Mexican Quinoa
49. Go to a class at the new Wine and Design
50. Create a new tradition
51. Splurge on something for myself January 2015 - a GYM MEMBERSHIP! And new running shoes. It was quite the splurge.
52. Splurge on something for someone else Flyers tickets for Steven.
53. Go ice skating
54. Commit to an exercise routine Thanks to my awesome boss who created a routine for me and a friend!
55. Own a gym membership Joined The Weight Club in January 2015
56. Organize a craft space/room
57. Take my Mom out to dinner May 2014 @ Boudreaux's
58. Develop a professional library
59. Spend a day on the lake
60. Simplify my bedroom
61. Go skiing
62. Start a new television show Chicago Fire, April 2014
63. Sew a blanket
64. Go on a trip with friends
65. Visit Jessi at school so we can shop & craft
66. Donate food/supplies to an animal shelter With E2, Summer 2014.
67. Upgrade my laptop Bought a Macbook Pro in April 2014
68. Own a nice pair of sunglasses
69. Force myself to floss
70. Make a college scrapbook
71. Visit a new state
72. Sponsor a child at Christmas
73. Hold a baby December 2014. Is there anything better?
74. Write myself a letter to open up in the future
75. Get a facial
76. Try a new food February 2015. Olives. I do not like them one bit. 
77. Try "tech-free" nights for a week
78. Go on a hike
79. Learn how to tie a tie
80. Take time to unsubscribe from all of my unwanted email lists
81. Make someone breakfast in bed
82. Leave a 100% tip More like a 100%+ tip...NYE 2015!
83. Go to a NHL game Flyers @ Capitals, March 2nd - FLYERS WIN! 5-4 in overtime
84. Visit Austin again in the warmer months
85. Try a Flywheel class
86. Hike the Cascades
87. Complete the Mountain Lake Hell Climb
88. Finish my San Francisco scrapbook
89. Own a mid-length puffy coat November 2014, Thank you, Mom :) 
90. Donate money Donated to my friend's Polar Plunge fundraiser!
91. Be surprised.
92. Paint a canvas for my room
93. See a stand-up comedy show
94. Build a snowman
95. Spend one week working out in the early morning
96. Drive to Homestead Creamery
97. Read a nonfiction book
98. Laugh until I cry Reading @andylassner tweets (ellen's producer guy) - it doesn't take much to make me laugh!
99. Print & organize my digital teaching resources
100. Own a legit label maker Christmas 2015. Thank you Mom!
101. Do something spontaneous