Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy March, Happy Lent

In like a lion, out like a lamb.
Boy do I hope that's true.  This March brought with it yet another snowstorm that had me stuck in Northern Virginia.  Not that I was complaining getting to spend an extra day with my boy, but I am sick of the snow.  Yep.  I said it.  SICK OF IT.  20 inches of it really did me in a couple weeks ago...
I'm hoping we are done with the winter weather and heading towards spring.  My body needs some warm air & sunshine.  My body needs some short sleeve weather.  I'm tired of being cold & sleep.  Ya hear me?

Since it's March I am reflecting on my February goals & setting new ones for March.  Since it's Ash Wednesday, I am reflecting on the meaning and spirit of the Lenten season and what that means to me, and what I'm going to "do" for Lent.

{February Goals}
1. Update my computer. I updated to the next software pack that I had to order, BUT I also made a step in another direction and that is talking with my mom about getting a *NEW* Macbook! Stay tuned :)
2. Re-do my 101 in 1001 list. I finally thought of 101 things and here it is.
3. Run my 10-miler in under 1:45. Didn't happen because the race was postponed to last Sunday and I was out of town :(
4. Do something with my calligraphy. Didn't happen.  Life + school happened.
5. Label/bookplate my children's books. This one is mostly done. I used up all of the stickers that I had and they took care of my hardback books.  I'm thinking of getting a stamp (or just handwriting in them) but of course the OCD person inside of me is saying, "What about when you have a different last name??" So that makes me want to wait.

{March Goals}
My March goals will be centered around Lent.

"We give up that which we do not need to live, to gain that which we cannot live without: more Jesus."
That statement stuck with me today after reading day 1 of the Lenten plan with She Reads TruthThey're doing a 4 part plan - fasting, repentance, meditation and confession - and I am committing myself to follow it.  That's one of my Lenten promises.  I will probably post thing here & on instagram if you want to follow along!
Now, what am I "giving up" for Lent?
Candy + Soda
I'm guilty of having a big sweet tooth and a knack for grabbing a Coca Cola whenever one is available.  However, if I'm going to try and get/keep my body healthy, I need to be more conscientious about what I'm consuming.  Taking out candy & soda from my diet will definitely help reduce my sugar intake and will hopefully encourage me to drink more water, which will keep me better hydrated.  I'll still allow myself to have other drinks, just not straight up sodas.

What are some of your Lenten promises?

Happy Wednesday!
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