Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Style :: ModCloth Edition

Christmas may be over, but we still have New Year's Eve to dress up pretty for! And since today is New Year's Eve Eve, it's time to start thinking, if you haven't already, about what you'll wear!
If you need some outfit inspiration, here is an ensemble I put together using the Committee Celebration Dress from ModCloth! All of the pieces are from ModCloth.
If y'all haven't checked out ModCloth yet, you're missing out. They have such fun clothing & accessories.  These bow wedges have my name written all over them. Their necklace designs are so unique and fun!
Modcloth Holiday

Today is my boy's birthday, so we're off to celebrate with cupcakes & football!! Go Texas!
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Friday, December 27, 2013

My 2014 Goals :: Overview

Whew! We are back from our trip to Austin, Texas.
I will have more on that later, but for now I will tell you...I love Texas!
On Wednesday we will welcome a new year. 2014, if you can believe it.
I have felt like 2013 flew by and I didn't have the chance to get done what needed to get done - or what I wanted done.  Or rather, if I did have the chance, I was mostly likely using that chance to celebrate something else, like graduating! Or getting into grad school! Or finally getting to go to the beach! All things that happened this past year.
2013 was very good to me, but I hope 2014 is even better.
I want to spend 2014 working in more ways than one.
I want to work to better myself, my relationships, and my habits.
I've thought a lot about what goals I want to put on paper, and here they are:
 I'll go into more detail at a later date.  Each of these are important to me and I hope I can find the strength to keep up.

What's a goal you have for 2014?

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Festive in the Classroom

I'm always trying to find new, fun and festive ideas of things to do with the kids during the holiday season.  We always have an early release or full day off from school landing somewhere near each major holiday, which are perfect times to get out the craft supplies and have some fun!

Here are some of my favorite holiday crafts to do with the little ones to take home.
Easy Christmas Trees from Fantastic Fun and Learning
 How awesome is this idea? I'm all about finger painting, but this is a great idea to keep things clean -- I have some kids who hate getting their fingers messy so they would love this! I think it's also fun that the pom poms match the color paint they belong with :) This would be great for our little ones.

Build a Snowman from happy hooligans
This activity would be awesome for all ages - the older kids could get SO creative with this and really add a lot of detail. The little ones would love getting to pick their own pieces out and make it their own.

Name Trees from Miss Kindergarten
I love this activity - perfect for kindergarteners - and it can be completed with or without the name. You could also modify this and make snowmen! Good practice for spelling names and using scissors.

Shape Ornaments from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten
These ornaments would look so cute hanging up around a classroom.  Even though this idea was inspired by a kindergarten teacher, I think you could use it with all ages. Especially with the older kiddos who are diving into geometry. They could get really creative with this - either making it symmetrical or trying to fill the circle the best they can with shapes.

I love getting festive! Plus these crafts gives the kids something to do with all of their craaazzzy holiday energy!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Hey, y'all! We're expecting more wintery weather today. What happened to those spring-like temps we had a few days ago?? I just hope it isn't too bad & that I can get to and from work without problems! This girl does NOT do any hazardous weather driving...

We'll see what happens...meanwhile, here's what's happening 'currently'!

What's happening in your neck of the woods?

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

On A Break

What does one do when a semester of graduate school is over & you have a little less than a month of freedom?

I'm currently trying to answer that question.  I still have to go to work, but other than that I am feeling SO MUCH FREEDOM lately since classes have ended. I'm so used to having something to be working on each day that it feels really weird to have nothing major on my to-do list.
Currently, my to-do list includes the following:
Wrap presents.
Finish a cross stitch.
Finish my Christmas burlap wreath.
Catch up on The Biggest Loser (a recent, random, obsession).
Finish 12 tutus for our Christmas play.
A couple of babysitting jobs.
Make 2014 resolutions.
So, some of that stuff needs to get done, but it's nothing I'm totally dreading. Woohoo!
And a lot of it makes me sound like an old woman, and maybe I am, but whatever. I'm embracing the freedom. A lot of my Christmas shopping is already done, and the next thing I have to look forward to is packing for our trip to Austin!

What are y'all doing to fill the days? Is your Christmas shopping done?
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Thursday, December 5, 2013


I turn 23 today.

I've decided this is a strange birthday.  Up until now, birthdays have been pretty exciting.  Even 22 was exciting because I was able to jam out to the song "22" for days.

23 is a little less thrilling, but still exciting nonetheless.  Another year older is another year older.  I'm very thankful for what 22 brought me -- graduation & the start graduate school, continuing the job that I love, a much needed week at the beach, running 3 half marathons and 1 marathon, and many more blessings.
I am excited to see what 23 has in store!
Yesterday I celebrated my birthday early with the 4th graders who surprised me with "pinkalicious" cupcakes and handmade cards. They were unbelievably awesome. Such a fun surprise (or as much of a surprise as 19 squirrely 9/10 year olds can keep)!
Today I'm going to have lunch with my mom and Steven's mom, go home and finish my last assignment of the semester, turn it in and then party with my pets. Birthday dinner this evening!
Unfortunately Steven will celebrate with me from afar. Can you believe I haven't physically shared my birthday with him since I turned 18!? Gotta love that LDR.

To celebrate my 23rd birthday, I am making 23 goals for December:
1. Blog more. Today is my last day of classes for the semester!
2. Write a thank you note.
3. Bake cookies.
4. Wrap my presents.
5. Save my babysitting money in a jar for Austin. Leaving the 21st!
6. Take more naps.
7. Embrace my free time & read a book for fun.
8. Catch up on Ellen.
9. Make handmade gift tags.
10. Plan a craft night with Sara.
11. Help out a friend in need.
12. Bake a holiday treat for "my kids".
13. Have a Santa Clause movie marathon. I have the boxed set, so I'm ready.
14. Pack smart for Texas.
15. Cuddle with my dog & cat at every possible moment.
16. Go on a run.
17. Rearrange my room.
18. Order my textbooks for spring.
19. Complete a cross stitch.
20. Surprise Steven.
21. Go to church for advent.
22. Cut back on soda.
23. Hop back on She Reads Truth.

Obviously I am embracing all of my new free time with this list. I have off until the 6th of January. We'll see what I can do :)

Happy December, friends!

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