Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This is literally the best thing about Wednesdays :)

Linking up with Jaime at This Kind of Love for yet another edition of WILW!

I'm loving my new nail polish color. It's "Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear?" from O.P.I.'s Texas line. I LOVE that line. I have two colors so far but would love to get the others!

I'm loving peanut M&Ms. Sometimes, you just need to have a bag of M&Ms and lay down and watch ABC Family...which may or may not be what I'm doing right now.
I'm loving that our first home football game is this Saturday! VT vs. App State. 12:30. So pumped :)

Turn yo volume up. Such an intense, emotional entrance...Love my school.

I'm loving Skype. Since SB is gone, it stinks that I don't get to see him as often as I do during the summer. Tonight we had (or rather are having, as I type) our first "skype date". I have to take advantage of the early days when he doesn't have too much homework and before his practices start! Sometimes the video gets all jumpy and sometimes it freezes. That is frustrating. Maybe next time we'll try Facetime? Does anyone know if one is better than another? He has an iPhone and I have an iPod so we could do it that way. I'm not in the iPhone world yet.

I'm loving some of my recent Pinterest finds:
Something to remember :)
Can't wait for fall fashions!
CD case scrapbook!
Love the one shoulder. I need to get a dress like this!

I'm loving my pup pup Sadie. She had an ear infection and has to take pills and get medicine put straight into her ear. The poor thing...but she is so well behaved and patient through it all :) Plus she loves the "pill pocket" treats that Momma bought. So we both win!

I'm loving my job. Several reasons. I love the "munchkins" as we call K-2 and how they still ask for help for the simplest things. I miss learning where the tenths place was :( Also, today, a little girl had on a shirt with a ladybug trim around the bottom and then purple flip flops. Did it match? No. Did I wish I had on that exact outfit? Of course. I also love the look they give you when you tell them a joke, but they aren't sure whether you're serious or not. It's a half smile, half eyebrow raise...priceless. Lastly, I love the tone of voice they get when they want to tell you something that they learned. They get all serious with you and explain it in "easy terms" so I'll understand ;)

That's all for now :) Today was an early release so I was at work from 1-6 and it was only the director and myself! Crazy, crazy day! Who know making magnetic bookmarks would require so much help...whew, I am a tired girl.
Going to try and catch up on some sleep :)


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

S'more what?

Sidenote: This is one of my favorite movies of all time. My family has probably watched it a hundred times!

Anyways, I. Love. S'mores. There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire all snuggled up in a big blanket and eating way too many s'mores. However, when you're either a) without a campfire or b) at your apartment and you are dying for some chocolatey-marshmallow taste, I have a new solution for you!!

I used to just make the s'mores (graham, chocolate, marshmallow, graham) on a cookie sheet and pop it into a 350 degree oven for 5 minutes. That way works well, and it even sometimes gets the toasted film feeling on the marshmallow. But what if you don't have time to preheat the oven and wait 5 minutes?

Here you go:


Either spread the fluff between 2 squares to make a sandwich or spread over just one.

Voila! I have to give complete credit to SB for this. I bought those granola thins at Sam's (so I have about a trillion) and then he mentioned getting the fluff to add. He's a genius!

Just thought I would share that fun fact with y'all :)

This morning I got out of class 30 minutes early because my professor thought it ended at 10:15...and no one (out of almost 100 people) said anything. So we all left. I definitely wasn't going to be "that kid" who ruined it. Haha, but I'm not complaining!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Sorry for the lack of blogging, but I went to PA this weekend to help SB move into his new place. I didn't have internet access blogging :( But I'm back now!

Today was a really busy day and I still have an 8:00 meeting to go, but I'm taking a break at Momma's house before then.

Here are some things on my mind today:
  • I will never, ever get used to interviews. They always make my stomach flip - no matter what I'm interviewing for.
  • Beyonce's baby bump on the VMAs made my day today. So cute! I especially loved Jay-Z's face. I wonder if he knew? It was hard to tell.
  • My puppy has an ear infection...the poor thing is all drugged up but she is behaving so well as a result! Ha.
  • I can't wait until it's boots weather. Or at least until it's cooler and wearing sneakers all day isn't totally unbearable. My feet were hurtin' walking all over campus today in my flippy floppys.
  • I am terrible at putting together furniture. So what do I do when my bf & brothers are all out of town? Bought a desk...and hutch...I am not a smart cookie.
Thankfully Blacksburg stayed safe, but in PA we felt some of the effects of Hurricane Irene. It rained a lot and on Sunday it was extremely windy. There was minor flooding and damage to trees. I'm a little bummed to hear about everyone complaining that there was "too much hype" regarding the hurricane. Over 20 people lost their lives...can you imagine how many more would have been lost if there wasn't so much precautionary action taking place? If evacuations weren't mandatory, I think the results would have been more severe. It's just annoying that since it wasn't as bad as people thought, that people are saying it was over kill. I think it's better to be safe than sorry!

My brothers, who live in Norfolk, and my Dad who is in Richmond are all safe. Thank goodness.

Here's what's been keeping me laughing all weekend, via Pinterest...

that's all folks :)
I'm back to regular blogging now! ( work is a'comin!)


Saturday, August 27, 2011

1 Universe, 9 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, and 7 Seas and I had the privilege to meet you.

Today (or rather yesterday, since it's after midnight) was Steven and I's 3rd year anniversary of when we "officially" started dating. However, it's actually been much longer than that. It's still a little fuzzy why we chose this date, but nonetheless on the 26th of every month I smile a little bigger.

A quick recap of us:
We met in 8th grade when he moved to VA from Austin, TX, his hometown. We hit it off as friends and started to "crush" in the 9th/10th grade. During our junior year, the cutie patootie that he is sent me a birthday card asking me to go to the movies with him. Unfortunately, I was still a nervous little girl at the time, got scared that a cute boy was asking me out (for real, not like "sit with me at lunch") and I said no. Not straight up, but I more or less made him feel like I didn't like him - which wasn't true!
Anyway, fast forward to Spring when he asked me to go to prom with him - using the game Up Words to spell it out :)

Junior year prom
After that, I basically knew I was done with this "Oh gosh, I don't know, you're so cute, but I'm so scared, ehhh, wah" business and we basically started dating once junior year ended. We had a great summer, with some not so great parts (unrelated to the relationship) but it made us a lot stronger.
Then, on August 26, somehow we decided it was a done deal! Haha :)

One of our first pictures together...oh boy have we changed!
Senior year with Amy
Senior prom :) This time he wrote on my car windows, "PROM?" Luh him.
Summer, after tommy john
Senior year
The best surprise (18th) birthday, ever!
Senior Homecoming
The day he left for college
Downtown Disney this past Spring Break

I'm an incredibly lucky girl :) He knows practically everything about me, including my flaws and strange habits, and still thinks I'm cool. He's okay with me falling asleep during every movie we try to watch, he's okay with me never being hungry enough to finish a meal and he's okay with the fact that I may never be able to spend less than 30 minutes in Target (unless there is an emergency).

He leaves tomorrow (or rather today, since it's past midnight) to go back to school in PA. I'm gonna miss him, but I know the time will go by quickly as it has the past two years and I'll hopefully be up there soon to see him. Especially since they have fall ball games. In the end, I know it's all worth it. What is that saying again? "I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it?" Yeah that's true.

We spent the day (after I had a 9:00 shopping, then had a delicious lunch at Olive Garden. One of our favorites :) Then (after I went to again) we watched his twin brother's first varsity football game in Giles. Reliving the high school days :) Most of all I got to spend my free time with him, and that's all that matters! Doesn't really matter what we're doing or where we are. I had a wonderful day.

love you sb.

"The smartest thing I ever did was make you all mine..."


Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Day You Challenge, plus some.

First, here is today's portion of the 10 Day You Challenge.

Seven Wants

(1) I freeze time and get 24 hours of sleep STRAIGHT! This week has been exhausting between work and starting class. I'm pretty sure (after I do my homework) I will spend this weekend asleep. Sorry 'bout it.

(2) I want...this pink room (via Pinterest)

Sidenote: After just typing that, I realize I've been spelling "Pinterest" wrong this whole time...I AM EMBARRASSED. Please don't unfollow me. Hehe :)

(3) I want...curly hair. Like Taylor Swift curly hair. They say, you always want what you can't have! It's true!

(4) I make these cupcakes.

Snickerdoodle cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream icing! YUM! Now to find the recipe...

(5) I want...the Vera Bradley laptop backpack. I just love it! Plus one of our 3rd graders has it in Plum Petals and every time I see it I get jealous. Isn't that funny? Sort of backwards.

VB Laptop Backpack in Folkloric

(6) I extension of summer. I just didn't get enough time!

Va Beach, in July 2011
(7) I go to Hawaii. Had to end with an ultimate want :)

Sigh. My week has been pretty crazy, like I said, with classes and such. But so far, so good! I'll do a post about my classes this weekend. Other than that (and the earthquake...what?!) not much has been happening. We got some rain today - maybe the start of the Irene rain - but hopefully it holds up tomorrow. I hope everyone on the coast is prepared for Irene! I think big brother is going to have to take the ship offshore and little brother might be going to Richmond just for precautions. Fingers crossed.

I've noticed a lot of people doing apartment posts, so I'm going to do one too! Probably this weekend once I have some down time. I'll also need to dust up first!

Tonight after class I went to SB's where his Dad made fish tacos, crab cakes and clams. Yum! I'm usually not a fish eater (I usually get shrimp when we go out) but these were delicious.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day, I can't wait.
Hope y'all have a great start to the weekend!


10 Day You Challenge

Section Eight of the 10 Day YOU Challenge I'm doing this week...

Eight Fears
(1) I fear...I will sleep through class this week. I have been absolutely exhausted (no idea why, besides the fact school just started) and I am notorious for turning off my alarm and then laying back down in bed.

(2) I fear...I'll have trouble keeping up with my classes. I'm not used to taking six classes, but I do have faith.

(3) I fear...when people are walking up the stairs RIGHT behind me. It scares me because I think they're going to start chasing me and I won't be able to run and so I'll just fall down. Ha! This is partially SB's fault because he does that to tease me :)

(4) I fear...lightning. It's just one of those things; I'll always be a wimpy baby during storms (in which I'm not curled up in my bed for).

(5) I fear...I'm going to be able to wake up for class but then miss the bus. I didn't buy a parking pass because driving around/on campus is SCARY and FRUSTRATING and not worth my time soooo if I miss the bus, it'll either be a long walk/run or I'm waiting for the next one and I'll be late! Eeeeep.

(6) I fear...getting my hair cut. I want to so badly, but I'm afraid I'll immediately regret doing it. I love long hair.

(7) I fear...I'll never learn to have good money skills. I need to start being a saver and not a spender! Any suggestions?

(8) I fear...the KISS band. They. Creep. Me. Out. I can't even look at them (especially with their tongues out) because I might have nightmares.

That's all :) I'm sorry that was so random. It's been a long day.
Time for bed now! Finally.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's that time again! Linking up with Jaime for What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

I'm loving my classes so far. I'm taking 6 classes so still a little worried about the workload, but I think I can do it! Just need to buckle down, concentrate and stay focused. Easier said than done though, right? :)

I'm loving the weather we've had recently. It's been warm but with a nice breeze...that's my favorite! I don't like being cold but it's also not pleasant to be dripping with sweat.

I'm loving my Pintrest finds from the past couple of days:

I'm loving (also via Pintrest) this outfit combination!
Although I don't like being cold, I can't wait to break out my jean jacket. It's fun to pair it with a dress or shirt/skirt! I also love the skirt in this combo.

I'm loving that I'm in a floral design class. I'm well on way to becoming an emerging florist...or housewife. Either one works. Here's my first Orientation Arrangement with mums & leatherleaf ferns:
Bad quality is from my phone camera...forgot my digital!

I'm loving the next couple days I'll get to spend with SB before he leaves for school in PA.

I'm loving that not one, not two, but THREE of my classes don't require that I purchase a textbook. HOLLA.

Lastly, I'm loving mini muffins. They are the perfect snack size breakfast for a girl like me!

What are YOU loving on this Wednesday?


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

I have a full evening of classes, so here's today's challenge :)
Nine Loves

1. I love puppies (typical)
Pomsky (pomeranian husky)
Who could say no to those faces?

2. I love the beach
When I was younger we would go to the beach all the time (I used to live in Va Beach). Now it's more of a vacation destination, but it's probably my favorite place to go! Some of my favorites are Clearwater in FL, OBX in NC and Hilton Head in SC. I can't wait until next summer!

3. I love baseball

I grew up watching my older brother play baseball and I now follow my boyfriend as he plays (in high school, and now college). Some people think baseball is boring, but I love it! I also cheer on the Philadelphia Phillies!!

4. I love Disney
Okay, so maybe I'm six years old at heart, but I went to Disney World for the first time this year and I absolutely had the best time EVER! I can't believe I waited that long to go. I went with SB and his parents over spring break when we traveled to Florida to watch his baseball team play in a tournament. I also love all the classic movies, the princesses (of course) and STITCH! I have a Stitch stuffed animal from our trip.

5. I love DIY projects
I love to get crafty when I have some free time, and it's amazing to see what you can do! There are thousands of fun, easy ideas out there and it's nice to save some money and make things yourself :)

6. I love the "Keep Calm" prints
Those are a couple favorites from Pintrest...I've seen some other really funny ones!

7. I love my family

Brothers and Mom

My Dad and I
We're kind of spread out all over the place, but I love 'em! I love being in the middle of two boys. They're the best.
"Home is where your mom is."

8. I love my boyfraaannnd
Summer before college, 2009
This Friday will be 3 (official) years we've been together! Although unofficially it's been about 3.5. He's my best friend and I'm a very lucky girl!

9. I love MY puppy :)

When we brought her home from the shelter :) May 2010

This summer - she turned 1 in March!
I love my puppy Sadie :) She was the perfect addition to our family and I can't wait until my mom caves and gets her a sibling! We adopted her from a shelter and don't know exactly what mix she is, but we've heard she is part Carolina Dog (which is random/rare) but it's basically the American Dingo. She is perfect :)

All images (except my personal ones) are from Pintrest. Follow me :)
That's all for now! Hope everyone is having a great week at school!