Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

Section Eight of the 10 Day YOU Challenge I'm doing this week...

Eight Fears
(1) I fear...I will sleep through class this week. I have been absolutely exhausted (no idea why, besides the fact school just started) and I am notorious for turning off my alarm and then laying back down in bed.

(2) I fear...I'll have trouble keeping up with my classes. I'm not used to taking six classes, but I do have faith.

(3) I fear...when people are walking up the stairs RIGHT behind me. It scares me because I think they're going to start chasing me and I won't be able to run and so I'll just fall down. Ha! This is partially SB's fault because he does that to tease me :)

(4) I fear...lightning. It's just one of those things; I'll always be a wimpy baby during storms (in which I'm not curled up in my bed for).

(5) I fear...I'm going to be able to wake up for class but then miss the bus. I didn't buy a parking pass because driving around/on campus is SCARY and FRUSTRATING and not worth my time soooo if I miss the bus, it'll either be a long walk/run or I'm waiting for the next one and I'll be late! Eeeeep.

(6) I fear...getting my hair cut. I want to so badly, but I'm afraid I'll immediately regret doing it. I love long hair.

(7) I fear...I'll never learn to have good money skills. I need to start being a saver and not a spender! Any suggestions?

(8) I fear...the KISS band. They. Creep. Me. Out. I can't even look at them (especially with their tongues out) because I might have nightmares.

That's all :) I'm sorry that was so random. It's been a long day.
Time for bed now! Finally.


  1. remember that one time you wanted to hide under my parents bed because there was a storm happening? oh elem. school....

  2. I'm always afraid of getting my haircut....and I really need to too :(

    xx Emily @


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