Monday, August 15, 2011

Rainy Days

I seem to always find myself at Target on Sundays. The reason I remember this is because we have a Chick-fil-a right next to Target and I always say, "Oooo I could go for some Chick-fil-a!" and then I get sad because I remember that they are closed on Sundays! Seriously...this probably happens every other, if not every, week.

So naturally, yesterday, I was at Target. As soon as we (mom, lil bro and I) were in the check-out line, I look outside to see a torrential downpour! I had bought my stuff first so lil bro asked me to go get the car.
*Sidenote: I'm terrified of lightning.
So, I'm running to the car and there are HUGE drops falling from the sky. I think you know it's going to be a bad one when the first drops are HUGE ones. Then, I see a gigantic bolt of lightning and I was BOOKIN' IT to the car. I was practically soaked by the time I got there.
Then by the time I got to them waiting at the door, it was a full on hail storm. Cah-razy!! My mom just got a new car, too, so I was freaking out that it would get hail damage...but what can ya do?!

Anyway, while I waited for it to let up a little so they could run to the car, I was pondering about all the cute rain gear that I didn't have with me, but wish I did!

Wellies/Rain Boots, whatever floats your boat
The ones I have - Classic Yellow from Old Navy...a bargain!
I also used to wear a Pink with White Polka-Dot pair from Target

The ones I wish I had - Hunter Wellies in Pink :)
Rain Coat

The one I have - Columbia Rain Jacket
The one I wish I had - North Face Venture Jacket


The one I have - Brighton "I Wish It Would Rain". I had to take a picture because I can't find it anywhere online! I found this at a shop downtown.

I also have this one - Clear Bubble Umbrella with flowers...for when I'm feeling 5 years old!

The one I wish I had - Vera Bradley umbrella in Plum Petals

What's your favorite rain gear? I'm sure there's lots more cute stuff that I missed :)



  1. Love all of these items. Glad that you are safe.

  2. Haha I could just imagine you booking it to the car. Don't worry! I would be doing the same thing (...if I could drive).
    I LOVE Chick-fil-a SO MUCH. I'm so sad they only have it in the states. There is one on JMU's campus, which may be a slight reason for applying ;)
    I want to buy some rainboots for college. I'm thinking pink or lavendar.
    Also, the e-mail still isn't working, but I will keep trying!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!