Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Day You Challenge, plus some.

First, here is today's portion of the 10 Day You Challenge.

Seven Wants

(1) I freeze time and get 24 hours of sleep STRAIGHT! This week has been exhausting between work and starting class. I'm pretty sure (after I do my homework) I will spend this weekend asleep. Sorry 'bout it.

(2) I want...this pink room (via Pinterest)

Sidenote: After just typing that, I realize I've been spelling "Pinterest" wrong this whole time...I AM EMBARRASSED. Please don't unfollow me. Hehe :)

(3) I want...curly hair. Like Taylor Swift curly hair. They say, you always want what you can't have! It's true!

(4) I make these cupcakes.

Snickerdoodle cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream icing! YUM! Now to find the recipe...

(5) I want...the Vera Bradley laptop backpack. I just love it! Plus one of our 3rd graders has it in Plum Petals and every time I see it I get jealous. Isn't that funny? Sort of backwards.

VB Laptop Backpack in Folkloric

(6) I extension of summer. I just didn't get enough time!

Va Beach, in July 2011
(7) I go to Hawaii. Had to end with an ultimate want :)

Sigh. My week has been pretty crazy, like I said, with classes and such. But so far, so good! I'll do a post about my classes this weekend. Other than that (and the earthquake...what?!) not much has been happening. We got some rain today - maybe the start of the Irene rain - but hopefully it holds up tomorrow. I hope everyone on the coast is prepared for Irene! I think big brother is going to have to take the ship offshore and little brother might be going to Richmond just for precautions. Fingers crossed.

I've noticed a lot of people doing apartment posts, so I'm going to do one too! Probably this weekend once I have some down time. I'll also need to dust up first!

Tonight after class I went to SB's where his Dad made fish tacos, crab cakes and clams. Yum! I'm usually not a fish eater (I usually get shrimp when we go out) but these were delicious.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day, I can't wait.
Hope y'all have a great start to the weekend!


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