Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Link ups are so much fun. I might not do them all the time, but right now I have a few extra minutes to share what I'm loving on this Wednesday!

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I'm loving that I only have two more days of work left! I love my job so much, but we've been going non-stop since school started back up in January after winter break. I need a little break from the kiddies! We start back up the 17th.

I'm loving Shark Week! Call me crazy (again), but I am fascinated by some of these shows. Is it weird that I like the ones that talk about people getting attacked? I don't like them because they make me happy or anything, but I love to hear their stories and how they made it out alive! I gotta take some notes - just in case! Ha!

I'm loving my new pair of Rainbows. I finally caved in and bought a new pair because my old ones were looking sad. They haven't fallen apart, but definitely way past 'worn in'!

I'm loving that I got a raise at work! Okay, okay, okay so it's only 10 cents...but it's 10 cents more an hour than I was previously making! It'll start to add up, I'm sure.

I'm loving that J.P. won The Bachelorette! I actually already knew he would win because I always seem to be browsing and run across some person who leaves the spoiler in a comment! I try to erase it from my memory, but I can't :( I loved J.P. though! I'm all about those buzz cuts. Felt badly for Ben, but I think he was silly for interrupting her before she could tell him he wasn't the one. Womp womp.

Lastly, I'm loving that SB is home for the rest of the summer :) Of course we are disappointed they didn't make it to playoffs, but since we don't go to the same school - I have really been missing him this summer while he's been living in Martinsville! Distance stinks.

happy hump day :) xoxo


  1. Congrats on the raise, sounds like you're having a good week!

    XO Emily @

  2. Just fell upon your blog through WILW (: very cute btw. Haha I am loving that JP was picked on the Bachelorette as well. . . although I started to like Ben a lot on the last episode. . .hmmm set up ?!

  3. I can't wait to be done with work for the summer! And I loved JP so much. I was very excited that he won! Cute post! xo

  4. Congrats on your ten cent raise! It will add up in no time!

    For the Longchamp bags- I can't remember the exact price. I think I paid about $10, but my friend paid $15 for hers. It depends where I buy it from. Like I said, mine lasted a whole year, but at that price, I think it's totally worth it. It would be no trouble at all to go get one for you because I need to buy a new one for myself this school year. I might even buy an additional color. If you want, send me an e-mail at and I can send you a picture of mine and answer any questions you have. :)

  5. FYI: I'm going to be out of town for the next three days, so I will answer any e-mail or comment as soon as I get back!

  6. I love raises! Yay. :) And your bloggy is so cute. xx


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