Monday, August 29, 2011


Sorry for the lack of blogging, but I went to PA this weekend to help SB move into his new place. I didn't have internet access blogging :( But I'm back now!

Today was a really busy day and I still have an 8:00 meeting to go, but I'm taking a break at Momma's house before then.

Here are some things on my mind today:
  • I will never, ever get used to interviews. They always make my stomach flip - no matter what I'm interviewing for.
  • Beyonce's baby bump on the VMAs made my day today. So cute! I especially loved Jay-Z's face. I wonder if he knew? It was hard to tell.
  • My puppy has an ear infection...the poor thing is all drugged up but she is behaving so well as a result! Ha.
  • I can't wait until it's boots weather. Or at least until it's cooler and wearing sneakers all day isn't totally unbearable. My feet were hurtin' walking all over campus today in my flippy floppys.
  • I am terrible at putting together furniture. So what do I do when my bf & brothers are all out of town? Bought a desk...and hutch...I am not a smart cookie.
Thankfully Blacksburg stayed safe, but in PA we felt some of the effects of Hurricane Irene. It rained a lot and on Sunday it was extremely windy. There was minor flooding and damage to trees. I'm a little bummed to hear about everyone complaining that there was "too much hype" regarding the hurricane. Over 20 people lost their lives...can you imagine how many more would have been lost if there wasn't so much precautionary action taking place? If evacuations weren't mandatory, I think the results would have been more severe. It's just annoying that since it wasn't as bad as people thought, that people are saying it was over kill. I think it's better to be safe than sorry!

My brothers, who live in Norfolk, and my Dad who is in Richmond are all safe. Thank goodness.

Here's what's been keeping me laughing all weekend, via Pinterest...

that's all folks :)
I'm back to regular blogging now! ( work is a'comin!)


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