Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This is literally the best thing about Wednesdays :)

Linking up with Jaime at This Kind of Love for yet another edition of WILW!

I'm loving my new nail polish color. It's "Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear?" from O.P.I.'s Texas line. I LOVE that line. I have two colors so far but would love to get the others!

I'm loving peanut M&Ms. Sometimes, you just need to have a bag of M&Ms and lay down and watch ABC Family...which may or may not be what I'm doing right now.
I'm loving that our first home football game is this Saturday! VT vs. App State. 12:30. So pumped :)

Turn yo volume up. Such an intense, emotional entrance...Love my school.

I'm loving Skype. Since SB is gone, it stinks that I don't get to see him as often as I do during the summer. Tonight we had (or rather are having, as I type) our first "skype date". I have to take advantage of the early days when he doesn't have too much homework and before his practices start! Sometimes the video gets all jumpy and sometimes it freezes. That is frustrating. Maybe next time we'll try Facetime? Does anyone know if one is better than another? He has an iPhone and I have an iPod so we could do it that way. I'm not in the iPhone world yet.

I'm loving some of my recent Pinterest finds:
Something to remember :)
Can't wait for fall fashions!
CD case scrapbook!
Love the one shoulder. I need to get a dress like this!

I'm loving my pup pup Sadie. She had an ear infection and has to take pills and get medicine put straight into her ear. The poor thing...but she is so well behaved and patient through it all :) Plus she loves the "pill pocket" treats that Momma bought. So we both win!

I'm loving my job. Several reasons. I love the "munchkins" as we call K-2 and how they still ask for help for the simplest things. I miss learning where the tenths place was :( Also, today, a little girl had on a shirt with a ladybug trim around the bottom and then purple flip flops. Did it match? No. Did I wish I had on that exact outfit? Of course. I also love the look they give you when you tell them a joke, but they aren't sure whether you're serious or not. It's a half smile, half eyebrow raise...priceless. Lastly, I love the tone of voice they get when they want to tell you something that they learned. They get all serious with you and explain it in "easy terms" so I'll understand ;)

That's all for now :) Today was an early release so I was at work from 1-6 and it was only the director and myself! Crazy, crazy day! Who know making magnetic bookmarks would require so much help...whew, I am a tired girl.
Going to try and catch up on some sleep :)


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