Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 | Goals

2014 has come to an end and the time has certainly flown by!

Overall 2014 was a great year:
- Steven started his masters degree in January at George Mason and this was our first year of a shorter long distance! With him being only 4 hours away it was much easier to visit each other, and for that I am very thankful.
- In February, Blacksburg received about 20 inches of snow which closed school (and work for me - we are typically open on "regular" snow days) for several days! Needless to say we were stuck at home.
- After winning the championship, Steev team went to the NCAA Division 1 Regionals in Houston, TX, which I had the opportunity to travel to and watch.  That was a great trip!
- Steven and I were able to attend multiple sporting events this year, including a Flyers game, a Nats/Phillies game, an Eagles vs. Redskins game, the Army-Navy football game and more.
- I had a great, although short, summer spent at the summer camp I work at with amazing friends and Steven even joined our staff this year!
- Steven and I spent a week in D.C. in August, although it ended with him sick with tonsillitis :(
- I started my FINAL semester of graduate school in August and looked forward to starting my student teaching
- I completed my student teaching experience in 1st grade at a wonderful school here in Blacksburg and had an absolute ball! I miss my kiddos every day!
- I graduated with my Master of Arts in Teaching in December and will be walking in May
- I got offered a semi-long-term sub job on December 1st in 5th grade and have been enjoying that opportunity thoroughly!

We spent New Year's Eve in Downtown Blacksburg at one of our favorite restaurants and got to catch up with several high school friends. A perk to living in a small town!

lara casey

I have spent some of the last several days reflecting on what my goals for 2015 would be.  I have a feeling that 2015 will be a big year for me in terms of my "professional life" as I am beginning to put my application in for several school districts.  I also have the opportunity to move away from home and start living more independently. This year will be full of change, I am sure!

Once I knew Lara Casey's book, Make It Happen, was released, I knew this would be a perfect jumping off point to get me started on my 2015 goals.  I was struck by her message of living life on purpose and that is exactly what I want for 2015.  There has been a lot holding me back -- wanting things to be perfect...the fear of letting people down...the need for control and wanting to always have a plan -- and with this book I am learning to work through those things, let go & start living life on purpose.  Because that is what I need.

I decided to write down three goals in each of the following categories: personal, professional, health, financial, other.  I am not so keen on the word "resolution" and prefer the word "goal" instead.
Here they are.

- Have me time - whatever that may mean // manicure? nap in the sun?
- Live life on purpose // Lara Casey is my hero
- Journal more // Including blogging, spiritual journaling with SRT, goals/thoughts

- Create a clean, crisp resume // One that I will be proud to share at job fairs
- Accept a teaching job where I know I will be happy // Whether that is near or far
- Be the best first year teacher I can be // I know this means I won't have a picture-perfect classroom, or perfect students, or a perfect stress-free means I will do my best and know that that is enough.

- Cut back on unnatural sugar // 2015 is about a clean slate, and a clean plate.
- Create new running goals // More on this later...but I have high hopes.
- Reduce my screen time // I want to live in my own moments instead of constantly flipping through pictures of other people's moments.

- Read through Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover // A Christmas gift from my brother that I am very thankful for
- Start a savings plan // Start small, stay consistent
- Say more "no" and less "yes" // I don't really neeeeeeed that top.

- Knock some things off my bucket list or my 101 in 1001 list // 362 days ahead of me...let's go!
- Travel somewhere new // Even if only for a day!
- Participate in a challenge // wardrobe challenge? money challenge? blog challenge? Who knows!

Hoping and praying this is a year of happiness, success and living a life on purpose.

I will update as I work on completing my goals!

Happy New Year!
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