Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Festive in the Classroom

I'm always trying to find new, fun and festive ideas of things to do with the kids during the holiday season.  We always have an early release or full day off from school landing somewhere near each major holiday, which are perfect times to get out the craft supplies and have some fun!

Here are some of my favorite holiday crafts to do with the little ones to take home.
Easy Christmas Trees from Fantastic Fun and Learning
 How awesome is this idea? I'm all about finger painting, but this is a great idea to keep things clean -- I have some kids who hate getting their fingers messy so they would love this! I think it's also fun that the pom poms match the color paint they belong with :) This would be great for our little ones.

Build a Snowman from happy hooligans
This activity would be awesome for all ages - the older kids could get SO creative with this and really add a lot of detail. The little ones would love getting to pick their own pieces out and make it their own.

Name Trees from Miss Kindergarten
I love this activity - perfect for kindergarteners - and it can be completed with or without the name. You could also modify this and make snowmen! Good practice for spelling names and using scissors.

Shape Ornaments from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten
These ornaments would look so cute hanging up around a classroom.  Even though this idea was inspired by a kindergarten teacher, I think you could use it with all ages. Especially with the older kiddos who are diving into geometry. They could get really creative with this - either making it symmetrical or trying to fill the circle the best they can with shapes.

I love getting festive! Plus these crafts gives the kids something to do with all of their craaazzzy holiday energy!

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