Sunday, April 6, 2014

Springtime + Running Goals

The warmer weather this week has certainly helped to turn my frown upside down.  I have been so tired of being cold that when it hit the 70s this week I just about fell over!

The tree next to our driveway even started to bloom this week, which made me smile:

I've begun the final countdown for spring semester.  I have just ONE class left for each of my classes, so class on Wednesday, Thursday, Monday & Tuesday (online) and then I'm a free bird until May 19th!  Of course our school system is going until June 20th so I'll still be working away, but I will be so thankful to take a load off my shoulders for a bit.

This warmer weather also has me thinking of getting back into race mode.  I was supposed to participate in a local race series but due to scheduling conflicts I missed one.  SO, now it's up to me to find some races to do.  I have the Monument Ave 10K under my belt, but I'm now looking towards another half marathon.  I would really like to run a PR this year and so I'm looking for some flat courses.  The race I have in mind is the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in Washington D.C. in September.

I've been a Hal Higdon fan ever since I started my longer distance races and I stand by his books and training plans.  Therefore, I will probably use his Intermediate program to train for my fall half marathons.  This program includes some speed work which I have never done in the past when training for half marathons or my full marathon.  Hopefully incorporating some speed work will help me get to a PR.

Any other runners out there planning for fall races? I would love to hear which ones you're running!

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  1. I love Hal as well, but I haven't ran since my last 10k in June so I'm slowly getting back into it with the Couch to 10k app and signing up for 2 5ks a month to force me to stick to it.

    1. I have heard wonderful things about Couch to 5K/10K! I also have to sign up for races to get me to stick to any sort of training plan. Good luck! With the warmer weather here I'm sure you'll be happy to get out and run!

  2. I was just contemplating running another half this fall - this warm weather sure does make me want to train again! A race in D.C. sounds like so much fun. I would love to partner together and encourage each other through training! It's always nice to have accountability :) Praying for your last few weeks of classes - you're so close!

    1. SO thankful for this warm running-friendly weather :) I would absolutely love to partner together! I'm sure there are some great races around Charlotte! You're absolutely right about the accountability - for my marathon I had my brother who was also running but now that he's in Texas it's harder to do races together!


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