Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Derby Days

Happy/Not happy Friday!
Happy part: I have one exam down and one (online) to go :)
Not happy part: I have been switched to timeline!! I blogged about my fear of this earlier...I think I just jinxed it by doing that. While I have enjoyed seeing old posts - and realizing that I joined Facebook in 2005...that is a long time ago! - there are also some things that I didn't want to be reminded of!
Kind of weird that all of that information is still lurking on the internet, when you think about it...
I wonder what Facebook will come up with next!

Now I get to pretend that I'm headed to the Kentucky Derby!
When I hear the word "derby" I think of three things: big hats, Lilly Pulitzer and horses.
My Friday's Fancies includes two of those three things!


I just love this Peggy dress in Mariposa...I think this print looks great in every style!
Add on some straw features, pearls and Jacks and we're off to the races.

What would you 'deck out' in for the Derby?
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  1. Love that hat! Some day I'd love to go to the derby :)

  2. Love your neutral color scheme choices! That dress is so pretty! xx, Allie

  3. I would love to go to the kentucky derby! Such a cute outfit :)

  4. The peggy dress is one of my faves!!!!!!! So comfy and so pretty :)

  5. i love the soft + sweet colors in your look. so pretty! happy sunday :)

    - l


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!