Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top 5 Tues: Summertime & PROM!

Happy MAY!

Happy second to last day of classes!
I'm sure you have seen this, but it cracks me up every time...I need to share:

Oh, J.T. I love ya.

Anyway, I'm celebrating with TWO link ups! They are so much fun and I want all of you to join in on the fun! The first is an oldie but goodie and the second one is a newbie!

 First, time for Top 5 Tuesday!

Just Peachy

Best Things about Summer 2012

I don't have any huge plans/trips, but I am looking forward to some things!

1. My job!
I love my job.  During the school year it's so fun to hear about everyone's day, hang out during early releases and help with homework. But the summer is when the party happens! We have a summer-long theme, weekly lessons and field trips! I planned the week to learn about the 1500's (not very exciting but I found some neat crafts!) and that week we are going to a planetarium. PUMPED.

2. 3 days off of work for 4th of July!
The 4th of July is my second favorite holiday. Not only do I love America, but I love hot dogs.
KIDDING(but not)!
But seriously, it's my second favorite. I just love the cookouts, parades, fireworks, wearing red white and blue, etc! It's SO much fun as long as it doesn't rain because then I cry!!
Funny side story: I used to be terrified of fireworks...I mean, crying, hiding behind my mom, thinking I was going to DIE as they fell down from the sky onto me. Now I love them.

3. Splitting time in Martinsville.
Steven will be living in Martinsville so I spend a LOT of time there.
If you aren't familiar with the town, I'm not surprised. They have: 1 Applebee's, 1 Texas Steakhouse, a really sad mall that has a JCPenny Outlet (didn't know those existed), a Walmart (duh), Biscuitville - not sure what it is but I always sing it like Justin Timberlake on SNL singing "Bring it on down to Liquorville" and "Penny Bowling" which I will NEVER be brave enough to go into, among other random things.
It's kind of bare, kind of sketch, but it's home to summer baseball...so in that sense, I love it!

4. Country Music
I'm a big country music fan.  Nothing says summer like a little Jason Aldeeeeean filling the car.
Oh yeah, and I'll go ahead and add sun roofs open, road trips, late nights, flip flop tans and LILLY P at all possible moments.

5. Training for a Half-Marathon
I'm serious! The last one I did was freshman year and I am embarrassed. I want to run another so bad and I'm going to get up before work each day and run! I need a routine to make it happen.

What are you looking forward to this summer??

Now I'm also linking up for a little blast from the past!

With Tamara and Pamela!

Our prom is held in Commonwealth Ballroom on Virginia Tech's campus - for the Hokies out there, you know where I mean!
Every time I walk in there, I smile thinking of prom!

Junior Prom:

Steven asked me to prom junior year using the game "Up Words". He had it waiting in his trunk after school one day and when I opened the box, he had spelled out "Will you go to prom with me?"
I said yes, of course!
Steven and I were everything BUT dating at this point :)
I went with the short dress...definitely don't think I could fit into that baby today!
I really struggled with finding shoes to match. The ones I have on were a half size too small...they HURT.
We had dinner with a group of three other couples at one of the guys' house.
I had soooo much fun that night!
Senior Prom:

Afraid I'm gonna stick him with the boutonniere pin!

Steven asked me to prom senior year by writing on my car with window paint, "PROM?"
He surprised me by doing it while I was in work, so I walked out and saw it! Of course, I said yes.
Especially since we were definitely dating at this point :)
I chose a long dress for senior year, which I am happy with. A one-shoulder dress that had a long piece of fabric that went down the back from the shoulder...kind of hard to explain.
I had trouble with it fitting, though. I had to send it off twice to get it to fit! It was a bit too big when I bought it but I was running out of time.
Another girl dancing in our group had on my dress...AWKWARD and NOT OKAY.
I also stepped it up and got my hair done at the salon (did my own hair junior year...failed). It was so much fun and I love the way it turned out. Just FYI, I had 59 bobby pins in there!
We went to eat at The Farmhouse - a nice restaurant here in town.
Senior year was definitely better than junior year, as one would assume!
Both years we attended "after prom" and then crashed at home watching a movie. Both of our moms worked at after prom, so we knew we had to show up! At least to get our free t-shirt.
Senior year's was more fun that junior year but it's nothing too special so we didn't stay long.

I am so happy that I was lucky enough to spend BOTH proms with my sweet boyfriend :)
It's fun to think back to those nights, but also scary because it doesn't seem like that long ago...and it was!

Go dig up your prom pictures (or find on Facebook, like I did) & share!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ohhh I'm loving your red dress! At our high school, the style was long dresses... but now I'm seeing short dresses more and more! Thanks for linking-up!

  2. Your prom pictures are so cute! And good luck with your half-marathon training!! I was training for one, but I'm dropping down to a 10km race instead. This summer just isn't the right time for me!

  3. Looove me some country music, especially in the Summer time!! Good luck training! I absolutely LOVE that red dress! Gorgeous! Thanks for linking up with us :)

  4. Man oh man country music IS a great thing about summer! How did I forget??! Love it. But it was even better when I had a convertible.. haha

  5. Love all of the summer stuff, especially country concerts!! And that is too funny you have prom in Commonwealth Ballroom, thats where I graduated last year and will graduate this year :). Also, LOVEEE the Farmhouse, one of my favs!!

  6. Love number 4!!!! Yay for country concerts! Jason Aldean will be in VA beach this summer! Let me know if you decide to go!!! And I went to an all girls school so WE had to ask the boys - I did the car paint thing to my beau at the time! So fun!

  7. I LOVE your senior prom dress! I had a red dress too :) And I'm excited for you to start training for another half!

  8. Your prom pictures are SO cute! I love that you guys have been going strong for so long!

  9. I love that red prom dress! You two are adorable together:) I just went to my junior prom with my boyfriend, and it was such a great night!


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