Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Five

1. Hallelujah!
It's been a LONG week & I am so happy to see ya, Friday!
2. Doubling Up
Higher Ed Center where I have class
Tomorrow I'll begin my second graduate course. It's held on 3 Saturdays from 9:00-3:30...not exactly what I want to be spending my weekend doing, but it's only 3 times so I guess it's not that bad???
This one is Inquiry in Mathematics - hopefully I don't have to do a lot of math because I am pretty much terrible at anything over geometry or basic algebra... :)

3. Lilly @ TJ
I was so excited to find some cute Lilly stuff at TJMaxx last week! Our TJ rarely has Lilly, although I've found some stationary-ish things in the past.  In addition to this, they had organizing bins & a tray and plates in another print! It was hard not to snatch it all up! I wish our TJ had clothing.
4. Running + Yoga
I know yoga and pilates are different, I just thought this was funny!
I need to incorporate some yoga stretches into my routine because my hips have been hurting & I read that "yoga for runners" really helps! Anyone have any tips?
5. Bubblecake
ABSOLUTELY PUMPED to announce Bubblecake is coming to the NRV! There are already 2 locations in Roanoke (that I visit as frequently as possible) and they recently announced that they are opening one in Christiansburg. So excited for this!
My favorite cupcake is the Tiffany:
Shown on the right - in Tiffany blue frosting w/ pearls!
Happy Friday!
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