Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Life...

Y'all probably think I've fallen off the face of the earth. And you would be right.

I knew as soon as school started blogging would be on the back burner, but it seems like every chill moment I have, I find myself either a) painting my nails, b) watching something on Netflix, c) cleaning my room or d) getting into shenanigans with my roommates.
That is, aside from my normal hobbies such as shopping at Target and sleeping a lot.

I promise I haven't abandoned blogging completely, but it definitely isn't my top priority.
It's my senior year and I'm living every moment to the fullest and taking every opportunity presented to me.

Anyway, here's a little recap!
The ladies of 401 Green Street.
LOVE them to the moon and back.

HOKIE FOOTBALL! I have missed it so much...and I will miss it so much next year!
We're 2-0, woo!

I miss my pets so much. I had to have Baby Belle over to visit.
Of course she snooped around and then slept!

we're essie snobs.
Painting nails is a weekly, sometimes daily, occurrence in our home.

I will come up with an apartment/room tour sometime this week if y'all would like! There's not much to it, but I do have some DIY things up and I actually have my closet organized!

I've also started my internship at the school where I also work! I'm in a kindergarten class and I am LOVING it! The kids are so sweet and my host teacher is amazing. She also has a student teacher who is wonderful! I feel so lucky to be there three days a week -- I'm learning from the best!
In addition to my internship and work hours, I also have a service learning position at a daycare you see why I'm so busy/exhausted!

I promise I am still trying to keep up with your blogs, though. Even if I don't have time to comment, I am reading!
Thanks for sticking with me :)


  1. I just painted my nails, and I'm pretty sure I already smudged them :( Glad to hear whats going on with you, and I hope you get back to regular blogging soon!!

    xx Emily @

  2. I understand the whole being busy thing! So excited for you that you're loving senior year so far and that your class/teacher are great!!

  3. You ARE super busy! Go girl! Glad to hear it's fantastic though! And what a small world with your roommate :) cray cray!


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