Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nude Nails

Y'all probably know by now that I'm a nail polish fanatic -- like a lot of you, I'm sure!
I'm always picking up new polishes, but I'll be honest, I usually stick to essie & O.P.I. I know they're more expensive (still not the most expensive) but I find they have the best coverage/last the longest when applied right.

No matter what the season, I think a good nude nail can be gorgeous. In my opinion, it looks great with any spring or summer outfit that may be filled with color, but can also be a refreshing change from the darker tones of fall and winter.
When I say "nude", I personally mean a nude pink. I'm very much a PINK girl when it comes to nail polishes! I have so many and I typically choose nudes with a pink tone rather than a beige tone.

Here are my three favorites:
{from my instagram, so you may be familiar!}

essie: miss matched

O.P.I.: Bubble Bath
 my current polish...I love it!
essie: petal pink

What are your favorite polishes when you don't want to stand out but still want a hint of color?

Off to study for my "abby normal" psych test tomorrow...yippee!


  1. You would love Essie's "Ballet Slippers"! That is my go-to color when I'm feeling either uninspired or need something neutral. I keep 2 bottles on hand at all times (I even carry one in my bag just in case the salon doesn't have it when I go)! I also really really love nude nails in the summer with a good tan!

    Good luck on your psych test tomorrow! Abnormal was my favorite psych class that I gook at tech!

  2. Oh I just love this!!! I need that Essie one ASAP!!! So feminine and fun.

  3. I love the nude look. It's so classic and feminine.


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!