Friday, September 28, 2012

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

I'm so glad it's Friday, it's Fall and it's almost OCTOBER!

Here's what's been going on...

1. I love being a Hokie <3
I love the new panorama feature with iOS6!

2. "Self-Assigned IP Address" = DEATH
I haven't had internet access all week at my apartment because, according to my mac, I have a "self-assigned IP address and I may not be able to connect to the internet". This is SO frustrated. Have any of you mac users had this problem? I've tried several solutions I found via Google but no luck. This is part of the reason my blog has been pushed to the back burner...I don't think my professor would appreciate blogging in class :)
3. I love my roomies <3

4. I'm putting on my big girl panties :: Grad School
I've finally decided on where I'm applying to graduate school. I want to stay in Virginia (for tuition purposes, mostly) and I don't want to have a trillion loans. I'll be applying to George Mason University, Mary Baldwin College and Radford University. I decided not to apply/stay at Virginia Tech for several reasons...regardless, I am going to miss it so much.
If you have any input on those schools, please let me know -- good, bad & ugly! :)

5. I love this quote <3

I'm in Pennsylvania for the weekend visiting Steven! Yippeeeee! :)

Have a wonderful, fall weekend!


  1. Sarah!! Several things : 1. Being a Hokie is THE BEST. 2. I work at Mary Baldwin as an admissions counselor so if you have any questions or anything - let me know!! 3. Have a great time with Steven this weekend :)

  2. Have a fun fun fun weekend!! And if you have any tips on grad school applications /GRE a girl would love to hear! I start the narrowing down process soon. Eek!

  3. Hey Sarah! I have had those IP address problems as well and I don't even remember what I did to fix it but if I do I will let you know. Also :)there is nothing better than being a HOKIE!
    Have you considered VCU?? Richmond is awesome!

  4. whhhhat? I totally didn't know about this panorama feature, so cool! Thanks for letting me know! and my Dad & sister went to VT, so I have a little place in my heart for that school :) Goodluck with the Grad School hunt, I am about to finish my last semester of Grad school!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!