Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Recap; Welcome, October!

I'm back from my trip to Pennsylvania! I had so much fun, as always.
I'll admit -- it isn't easy being 6 hours away from Steven all year, but it's worth it. Our LDR is something I've come to accept and live with. It isn't ideal but at least I always have something {trips to see him} to look forward to.

All day Saturday was spent here:
The baseball field. Surprised? Me neither.
They had a triple header which was so painful, but at least we made it home for the second half of the VT game. SIGH -- don't get me started on that game.

We made sure to go to my favorite place for lunch on Sunday:
"The Shiny Place", as we call it, is our favorite diner. There are lots of diners up there, but this is our favorite. They have the best food & desserts! We got a slice of carrot cake but I was digging in to that SO fast I didn't even have time to get a picture...whoops!

We didn't do anything super special or out of the ordinary, but honestly, that is okay with me. I would rather order pizza & watch Puss in Boots {yes, that happened} than drive somewhere because being together is all I really care about.

Enough mushy relationship talk for now.

Now, it's time for OCTOBER!

I am so happy it's October - although I wish it hadn't started off with rain. I officially feel "fall-ish"...I'm going to go buy 3 Leaves candles for the apartment and go to the pumpkin patch this weekend!!

We only have one home football game this month. Kind of weird, but I'm okay with it since I have lots to get done!

It's also officially only 35 days until this ship comes home from her final deployment with my big brother on it... :) :) :)


Happy Monday!


  1. Great minds think alike :) Happy October, girlie!

  2. Yay to your brother coming home very soon!

  3. I want to go to the pumpkin patch!!! And HOORAY for your brother coming home! Is he coming in to Norfolk???

  4. Happy October!
    I'm feeling very fallish too!


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