Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh My Essie!

Nothing says summer like a fresh mani!

I have been loving Essie's spring, resort, neon & summer collections so much! I wish they weren't so darn expensive and I would buy them all. I've recently discovered that our Walgreens sells Essie...I thought only Target did! Score!

Here are 4 of my faves for summer:

The "rock the boat" is actually a little more blue than it appears here.

I'm trying to branch out with my polish color. I'm very much a PINK girl, or I go with a classic french. I've done a lilac before and red, but I typically go for a bright pink/coral color. I need to just GO FOR IT and remember that if I hate it, that's why they made polish remover :)

What shade are you currently wearing? Please inspire me to branch out to blues/greens!

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  1. I am the same way with my pinks/corals/reds! THis summer I decided that I was going to branch out and Mint Candy Apple and Wheres My Chauffer are my new faves!!! It is so much fun having a crazy bright color on my nails!

  2. I bought Naughty Nautical and love it! Awesome shade. I have an addiction to buying Essie nail polish. Currently wearing the shade "Sunday Funday".

  3. I was this close to buying naughty nautical the other day at CVS. The only thing that stopped me was their 50 cent mark-up on the price. I need them to get their act together. I'm on the hunt on it at a different store.

  4. Oh my goodness, all of those are great! And definitely just give a new color a go and like you said, if you hate it, you can take it right off! Essie is gorgeous polish, but maybe buy a cheaper brand first so if you don't like it you're not wasting a ton of money! But if you're anything like me, once you try a new color, you may never go back!

  5. Essie is my favorite nail polish brand, they always have amazing collections this time of year!!



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