Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Reads!

Althoughhhhhhh I'm in grad school this summer & have plenty to do for that (boo!), I'm still dreaming/hoping of getting in some FUN reading. I am getting to do a little bit of that at the beach this week...hey, that's what vacation is for, right!?

Here's what's on my list currently...

Summer Reads
Read any of them?
I love getting on goodreads and seeing what everyone is reading! Although, I'm bad at updating mine. I need to do that. However I love looking at what people rate books...that's how I find a lot of my reads!
I heard from several 6th graders that suggested The Fault in Our Stars so hopefully they don't let me down ;)

Let me know what you're reading so I can add to my list!
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