Friday, January 3, 2014

Contentment Challenge :: Do's, Dont's & January Goals

I was thinking about the contentment challenge all day yesterday. Yes, it seems crazy and difficult and frustrating and wacky, but I think that's exactly why I need to do it.  I need to step outside of my comfort zone & really challenge myself.
I'm really excited for this journey with so many other awesome gals!  Seriously y'all -- if you're thinking about doing this, join the Facebook group! Already read some awesome posts and found some sweet new blogs :)
Contentment Challenge Do's & Dont's
Okay, so here is what I'm allowed to buy: necessary food, necessary toiletries, medicine, gum, gas, mandatory grad school items (books, supplies for portfolios, etc.), anything I have been given a gift card for -- but once that's gone, it's gone. I will try and save those too.
What I'm not allowed to buy: clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, NAIL POLISH, books, magazines, junk from Target, snack food, sodas at work, etc. Basically anything that isn't on my other list.
Exceptions: I have read through different rules and guidelines and agree that I don't want to come off rude to family or friends.  For example, one of my friends that I don't see very often has contacted me to get together with our boys this month and I absolutely will say yes. I make exceptions here because getting together with friends is good for you! Plus, we can probably find something free//cheap to do :) Gifts is the other exception. If it's someone's birthday, anniversary, etc. that is an exception to the rule as well! I will get them something small and personal, or think of something I can DIY :)
January Goals
1. Get ahead on my assignments. I want to start this semester STRONG! I'm taking 4 classes, compared to 3 last semester, and that is a tad scary.  I have always been terrible about procrastinating.  However, if I start strong, hopefully that means I'll finish strong.  My planner is already looking colorful & busy beautiful :)
2. Finish The Rescue. The other suggestion for this challenge is to read 3-5 books, however with grad school it is reaaalllyy tough to read for pleasure. I have so much to read, write and create for school in addition to work & interning that I barely have enough time to sleep!  However, over break I started The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks and I would really like to finish it.
3. See a new movie. Seriously, we own movies that I've never seen before! I'm going to have my own movie night at home & watch a movie that I own that I've never seen.
4. Make 2 new clean recipes. I am getting really interested in clean eating as a way to get healthy.  I've found some AWESOME recipes on The Gracious Pantry that I can't wait to try out!
5. Take water to work every day. I neeeeed to break my soda habit. It's too easy to go grab a Coca Cola when I'm feeling tired or crazed by the kiddos.  Today I put a slice of lemon in my water & found myself looking forward to taking a sip! Woo!
Holler if you think I left anything off my lists! And let me know if you want to join in on the fun! ;)
TGIF y'all!!
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  1. I really like this idea! I'll have to start paying for a lot of big things on my own soon, so I've been working on budgeting my finances lately. I might have to try this challenge sometime! Good luck with it!


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