Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday

Hey, y'all!
It's Friday and I'm curled up in my warm house and decided it was time for a blog post.  With my semester ramping up, I don't have a ton of time these days to blog, but I don't want to put it off completely.
I'm here today to share 5 things with you that are on my mind this week! I hope you leave inspired :)
one :: i started calligraphy
I recently started learning calligraphy because, well, I think it's pretty! I took a class on Skillshare and learned the basics - how to hold your pen, how to ink up, how to write all of the letters uppercase and lowercase. It's been so much fun & has helped me stay sane indoors since it's too dang cold to go outside.
I still need some practice, but that is the fun part! I've just been looking up fun quotes on Pinterest to write in calligraphy.  Actually, my sketchbook is pretty fun & inspirational right now. I like it.
two :: organization/planner lovers unite
If there is one thing you do today, I hope it's to visit Elle & Company! The amazingly talented Lauren Hooker just launched her "design for a simple life" company this week & you will fall in love.
Her featured product is the Daybook Planner. It's so perfect -- menu planner sheets, prayer sheets, lesson planner sheets, cleaning checklist & much more!
Everything is so pretty, clean & simple! You will also want to follow her blog for fun stuff, like Friday morning coffee dates :)
Go give her some love!
three :: it finally snowed
Here's the rundown...schools were already closed on Monday for MLK Jr. day, but we (my job) were open so I worked for 7 hours & then drove to class for 3. It was a long day.  THEN, due to the "anticipation of bad winter weather", school was closed on Tuesday. We are only closed if it's a Code 4. Well, it was code 3, so in we went. However, we ended up closing around 10 am because the snow was still coming down hard -- although roads were fine...? The county makes no sense.
Then Wednesday rolls around and I'm sure we're finally going back to school.  Nope. Another day off & another code 3.
Basically, we got about 2 inches of snow, apparently somewhere in the boonies of Montgomery County it was worse and I have had to work 20 hours already this week with children who were OFF THE WALL.
I know 20 hours doesn't sound like a lot, but normally I work 9-12 for the entire week. Plus, on snow days, we're basically stuck inside.  This time we let them run relay races down the hallway -- you'd think we had given them $100! They were so pumped.
Needless to say I am ready for the weekend :)
four :: cleaning up pinterest
follow me!
I recently took the time to "clean up" my Pinterest, although really it's still a work in progress.  I figured out you can alphabetize your boards (makes my OCD heart happy) and I also started to break up my teaching boards into more specific categories, such as Teaching History and Classroom Decor. I used to just have one classroom board.  This will really help me in the present, with assignments, and in the future, when I'm actually teaching. I have also started some boards for some of my classes, like the Assessment Portfolio one. I thought about making it private because it isn't very "pretty", but oh well :)
five :: teaching is getting real and scary
My student teaching request form is due on March 1st. That means I'll hopefully be student teaching this upcoming fall.  I'm all sorts of nervous, scared and excited when I think about how close I am to becoming a "real" teacher.  Soon I'll be thinking about job fairs and interviews - which scare me to death - and about moving! This will be a crazy year.
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  1. Student teaching gives you some prep for what it is to be a "real" teacher with all the lesson plans and stuff but I feel you really don't get the real meaning of it til you're thrown into a classroom by yourself. I am sure you're going to do fantastic!! Whenever you get your placement for student teaching, make nice with the secretaries and the custodians...they do anything for you if you're nice!! And the copy lady!1

    1. Thank you!! Hopefully my many days of substituting will help when it comes to having my very own classroom, although I'm sure it will be a totally different story!


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