Thursday, April 26, 2012

Betcha didn't know...

I'll be honest, it's getting to that point in the semester where everything seems to significantly speed up.
So, to counteract my craziness with school, I'm going to do a fun post!
Sidenote: Less than one week left of classes!! Next week at this time...Reading Day! hayullllll yes.
I've been seeing similar "get to know me" and "abc" posts out there, but I'm just going to wing this one and give you ten facts that I hope you didn't know about me!

Please feel free to do the same so I can learn more about my bloggin' friends!
But seriously...I love fun facts. Please entertain me :)

I betcha didn't know...
1. I have to sleep with all doors/drawers/cabinets/curtains/whatever SHUT.
2. I was a 10 lb baby. Basically, I was born a toddler. Hopefully this isn't something you would have guessed by looking at me...
3. I am terrified of big rollercoasters and will never go on one! The thought of being dropped at such steep inclines, so fast...I want to die just thinking about it.

4. I was named after my mom's best friend back in the day, and we recently found out that that woman married someone with my last we literally have the same name (except middle)...

5. I really, really hate hard boiled eggs, tuna fish and mushrooms.

6. I'm slightly allergic to the cinnamon in things like Big Red, Hot Tamales, cinnamon mints, etc.

7. I sleep with a stuffed animal. Don't judge! It's a Disney character - not necessarily human. Any guesses? I will cry of happiness if someone can guess it.

8. I have worn glasses since I was in kindergarten (yes, I was that kid)...contacts since 6th grade!

9. I learned to drive on a stick shift. We ended up trading in that car, but I loved it! Wish my Jeep now was a manual.

10. I ran a half-marathon! It happened before my blogging days. I am dying to run another.
I hope you learned a little bit more about me!
I'll do this again later when I can think of more exciting facts.
Now it's your turn!
Happy Thursday!


  1. I live for reading day!! haha It's a little re-boost before FINALS hit. Good luck on your finals!!

    and I have to sleep with EVERYTHING shut too. Glad I'm not the only one ;)

  2. Love learning new things about other bloggers!! My guess for the stuffed animal is Simba! (mostly because that was my favorite Disney movie when I was growing up!)

  3. Love all these!!! Do you sleep with your bedroom door closed?! (That just sounded super creepy) but I could never do that!!! It has to be OPEN- too funny! and I still sleep with my baby blankets and probably always will. They're going to have to bury me with those things!

  4. I have to sleep with everything closed, too.. I also HATE mushrooms!! I think they are SO icky!!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!