Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Exciting Things and Ten on Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

First of all, yay or nay on the blog design? I felt like some spring cleaning was due on my blog. I found this awesome *freeeeee* template from Jessica Sims Design! Love it.

Second of all, I want to apologize to those that follow me on Twitter for bombarding your feeds with "vote vote vote for VT" tweets! You see, last year we made it to the Top Two but ended up losing so this year we were determined to win it all.
And no big deeeeeal but:
we won!

Honestly, I have no idea what is going to happen or who is going to come, but I am glad that we won. The other schools were recruiting UVA and others to help them get more votes, which I don't think is very mature, so I'm glad that we came out on top! Today is a day that I'm glad I'll be here next fall!

Now for some Ten on Tuesday questions :)
 1. Do you prefer fabric or plastic plasters? (or Band-Aids if American)
Plasters? Weird. I prefer fabric ones because the plastic ones seem to come off way too easily. Especially in awkward places like fingers or knees.

2. Do you prefer gel pens, biro or fine liners for everyday writing?
I use Sharpie pens. I just bought a new pack with FOUR new colors :) Including coral...I love it.
I also love staedtler pens!

3. Do you have a fear or needles/dentists/blood (if all three, which is the worst) and is there a story behind it?
I hatttteeee the dentist. I just hate teeth and everything about them!
I have always hated it but once I needed a filling and they hadn't numbed me all the way and THAT feeling is enough to make me cry/cringe/vomit for life.
I have such high anxiety when I go, especially if it's for any sort of procedure.
It doesn't help that it smells disgusting when you walk in.
I can't even handle wiggly teeth - when kids have them I bolt the other direction.
Steven has a huge fear of needles, the poor wittle baby.

4. Do you like jelly?  Do you eat it at any time other than when poorly?
I love strawberry jelly!! I'm not sure what "when poorly" means...I guess I am on a college girl budget, but I would eat jelly even if I were a billionaire. Yummy.

5. What are your Easter traditions? (if not Christian, insert your own meaningful festival here and tell us about that instead)
Dressing up, going to mass, and we used to have scavenger hunts to find our Easter baskets. Not so much anymore, but we still have baskets! We also have a family Easter dinner! Recently we have started a tradition of having a "Too Tall" bunny in our baskets. The one that is too tall for the box. It cracks me up!

6. What’s your favourite book that you have read so far this year?
The Hunger Games

7. Do you have any magazine subscriptions or recommendations that we should know about?
I am only subscribed to People, Runner's World and I think Glamour...
It's hard to keep up with them during school, but I really love People! You don't get everything online that you do in the magazine. It's worth it. It's the only celebrity magazine that I will believe!

8. Favourite etsy store (if you know the owner IRL, also include your favourite that you didn’t originally know IRL)?
I don't know any Etsy shop owners IRL but here are some of my favorites:
Preppy Paper Girl, Bright, Bold and Beautiful, [amanda catherine] designs, Naptime Diaries, L Whelan Designs, My Pink and Green Garden, Oh, Louise!
...I could keep on going! I love Etsy.

9. If you had play money (£100/$150) that could only be used on shoes, what shoes would you buy?
Jack Rogers! Ready for summertime.

10. If you were going pet shopping tomorrow, what would you choose?
A puppy. Or two. A Boston for Steven and a Bichon Frise or Maltese for me.
 Happy Tuesday!



  1. I cannot believe that this blog design is free!! It looks so amazing! I definitely love it :) And you'll be happy to know that I voted for VT for you! I have a friend who goes to grad school there and another who is going there next year so I gotta represent!

  2. we won the college showdown last year and had the party this year! haha it was pretty cool!

  3. Loving your new design. Very suiting for Spring. Happy Tuesday!


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