Monday, July 30, 2012

Meet Belle :)

Sunday was the day to go pick up the newest addition to our family. However, when my plans changed on Saturday, we decided to go get her a day early!
We picked her up in Riner from a woman that I work with. She had a cat show up a week before she moved into her new house and a week later, it had four kittens! One went to us, one went to my good friend's girlfriend and the other two went to a family from the school I work at. I'm so happy that they all found warm, loving homes!
Note: We also picked up my friend's girlfriend's kitten so they didn't have to drive out there late last night. Belle and her brother kept each other company on their first night away -- and did a lot of playing.

I'm so happy to introduce our new baby, Belle:
On the way home!

Sadie was SO confused/excited/scared

They slept on our towels. I moved this and they went into that brown hamper - where more towels are.

In the brown hamper...the kitty cave.

Meeting Steven!

They are really warming up to each other! Sisters!
It was very interesting having Sadie meet her. She whines a lot and won't leave Belle alone. Wherever she walks, Sadie has to follow and sniff and be RIGHT there with her. She won't settle unless she's sleeping! We're hoping after a couple of days, everything calms down.

Zonked out after an eventful weekend.
Sorry for those who follow me on instagram! I'm going to settle down with the kitten pictures!
We just love her so much already! We just need to get her shots and she is good to go :)

On another note, it's my last week of work for the summer! It will be a busy week, with three field trips. Then we have a little break and it's back to school! (YIKES!)
This week also marks the end of the season for Steven. We now wait to see if they make it to the playoffs!

I'm also looking forward to an annual festival in Blacksburg this weekend, Steppin' Out. It's held every year on the first weekend of August. We've been coming since before we even lived here!
Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my goodness, Belle is precious! I wish they stayed that little!

  2. Congrats. She is a cutie. I love the pic of her w/ the dog. The dog's ears are too funny!

  3. Congrats on Belle!!! And so jealous you are getting to go to Stepping Out this weekend - so fun!

  4. I love cats. Enjoy your new addition. Belle is super cute. :)

  5. Belle is ah-dorable! I would totally have cute little kittens if I weren't deathly allergic to cats! She is precious, and I'll just live vicariously through you :) haha


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