Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap: Winery Trip

Happy Monday!

My Dad and stepmom came to Blacksburg this weekend to go to some wineries and invited me along. On Friday night, after they arrived, we went to Bull and Bones - one of my favorite restaurants in Blacksburg.
Note: If you follow me on instagram (which I hope you do!), some of these are repeats...but not all of them!

Here is my OOTD from Saturday with my new Lilly skirt I got in Charlotte!

 I love the fit of the Callie skirt! Definitely a favorite.
The navy top is a fitted tee from Old Navy.

I'll be honest, I don't consider myself a real wine lover quite yet. If I'm at dinner, I'd rather get a beer or a cocktail than a glass of wine. I think I just need to try more so I know what I like! I guess I just get tired of drinking it halfway through. This trip definitely helped me learn what I like and don't like!

We started our trip at West Wind Farm which is in Max Meadows at the Fort Chiswell exit off of I-81.


This winery was up a gravel driveway off of the main road -- far enough that you don't hear cars driving by but close enough that you don't feel like you're in the middle of nowhere.
They're dog friendly which was good since we had one of the labs with us, Darla.

We did a small tasting and then got a glass to sit outside with. My favorite wine here was the Galena Creek Peach. I decided to get a glass of the "wine-rita" instead of just wine for a change! Or as Dad was calling it, my "adult slurpee"...whatever you call it, it was good!

The views were really pretty here. They also had "Cafe Saturday" going on inside complete with live music and a lunch menu. The funniest part was driving up and seeing a big motorcycle gang there...thankfully they were down at the gazebo so we didn't have to listen to their hollerin'!

Our next stop was Mt. Vale Vineyards in Galax.


What a gorgeous location! By far the best views were found here, in Galax. This was a bit more off of the beaten path but so worth the drive. The staff was so incredibly friendly (and they were pet friendly, too!) and we met so many nice people wine tasting!

A storm came rolling through and it was so fun to watch it creep across the valley. We literally watched it raining right in front of us...then about two minutes later, we were running inside to avoid getting drenched!

I think the rain wiped out Darla the wine dog...

At this winery, my favorite was Misty Morning. I really like the sweet wines! I'm not a fan of the dry ones like my Dad is. They had a sweet cranberry wine that was good, but almost too sweet! It would be good around the holidays, I bet!

Our final stop on Saturday was closer to home, in Christiansburg at Attimo Winery. This winery is fairly new (open about 15 months) and it was my first time making the trip out there.

More storm clouds were in the vicinity so we stayed inside to taste and have a glass, which was a little annoying since there was a huge obnoxious group (who had obviously been there a little too long...) being SO loud! I could hardly hear what the server was telling us about the wines. Note: if you are just going to get drunk and be loud, for heaven's sake wait til night time and go to a bar! When I think of wineries, I think of peacefulness. Thoughts?
I was also annoyed because one of them complimented my Dad's UVA hat and then told me (the Tech girl) "Well, we can't all be perfect..." I'm thinking, Yeah, look who's talking! He then wished me luck on his way out the door...Ugh.

We still had a wonderful time, though! I especially felt at home when I saw this little guy on the mantle...

My favorite wine at Attimo was the Sudden Downpour which was a sweet apple wine. It was served in a glass with the rim dipped in caramel! Now, this may sound nice, and it was for a bit, but it ended up melting down the glass and making my hands and the glass VERY sticky! Not very pleasant. I think it's a nice touch, but I would have preferred no caramel!

We stayed at Attimo until closing time.  Thankfully we had a few minutes of peace and quiet after the big group left! If you are ever in the area, this one is very easy to get to!

Out of the three wineries, Mt. Vale was probably my favorite! It had the best atmosphere and views. However, I would go to any of them again in a heartbeat! I especially want to go with Mom and take Sadie to one :)

Are you a wine fan? What kind of wine do you like? Do you like to attend wine events, festivals, wineries? Any I should suggest to Dad?
Saturday night we went to another one of my favorites, Boudreaux's! We were so sad to hear they were out of their signature appetizer, Gator Bites. As depressing as that was, we still had a delicious meal!

My Sunday was consumed with moving stuff out of my townhouse. Thanks to my family and Steven's brothers, I have everything out! Yay! Now I just wish August would hurry up so I can move it into the new place and take a big sigh of relief!
Mom and I also had a pizza & movie night. Sometimes, the end of a tiring day calls for that! We watched Safe House. Honestly, we got it because of Denzel & Ryan Reynolds. However, we decided it's a guy movie. Lots of action, shooting, confusing stories and little dialogue. Definitely not the worst movie I've ever seen though...I repeat...Ryan Reynolds was in it. love.

Lastly, I have two countdowns to share :)
2 weeks: til we get our new kitten!
98 days: til James comes home :)

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Love your outfit and I'm so jealous of your trip to the winery. I have never been to a real wine tasting. It's def on my list of things to do in the very near future. Happy MOnday!

  2. I absolutely love your new fits you perfectly! I've never been on a wine tasting before, but that is first on my list to do when I turn 21!

  3. That skirt is SO cute! That apple wine with the caramel around the rim sounds good; I might have to try that.

  4. Life jinx! Two weeks until we get OUR new kitten!!!!!!

  5. If you like sweet wine try Moscato. It is sweet and yummy. Looks like you had such a nice day. I love wineries.


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