Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Reading & Giveaway Alerts!

Here is my confession: I tend to be a slow reader. I can't bring myself to read an entire book in one day. Mainly because I get so sleepy but I also get a little ADD...

However, the truth is: I love to read!
My list of books I want to read is endless, but I thought I'd share a few that are on my mind.
Hopefully y'all can give me good reviews on a couple (or all)!

Right now I'm finishing...

My mom is a huge James Patterson fan -- mostly his mystery films. I might try and get into those since the Cross series is going to be made into a movie. There's another fact: I love when books are made into movies! Especially when the movie lives up to the book. I love seeing what actors are chosen/how the setting is done in comparison to what was in my mind while I was reading.

Here's what's coming up on my Summer Reading list, in no particular order:

Have you read any of these? Any I should make a priority? Any I should take off?
I would love recommendations :)
*Lastly, go right now to Crystal's blog, Coffee at Nordstrom, and check out her Jack Rogers giveaway!

*Also go to Chicago Prepster to enter TWO giveaways! One from Bridier Baubles (the Cece Stack) and one from Southernly Stated!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I just bought Emily Giffin's new book today at walmart for like $15 hardcover and i can't wait to read it! I have heard nothing but great reviews about it.

  2. Emily Giffin is on my to-read list, too! I'm actually in the middle of "Heart of the Matter" right now and I can't wait to start the new one!! Also, I LOVED "White Girl Problems" like literally was laughing out loud. It is PERFECT for people like you and I who have ADD -- it is tons of shorter stories so you don't have to pay attention for a long period of time :)

  3. hi, i just awarded you with the liebster blog award! come check out my post:


    congrats! - amy

  4. I loooved Sundays at Tiffanys!!! One of the best reads. and I'm also excited about Emily Giffins new book.

  5. You can get The Vow for free right now on Barnes and Noble! They're doing some sort of promotion. Thought you'd be interested in that :) I read it and it wasn't my favorite, but it was a cute and quick read. Thanks for sharing all the giveaways, definitely going to enter them!


  6. That ACC shirt cracks me up! As a double ACC graduate (NC State and Wake Forest) I feel like I should def own one :)

  7. I'm reading Emily Giffin's new one--love her! I always see good reviews on Jennifer Weiner's books too.

  8. I've had 'Sundays at Tiffany's' on my Kindle since I got it last year, but I haven't gotten around to read it yet. I watched the Lifetime movie with Alyssa Milano this past weekend, and now I want to read the book. It's one of the next books on my list.


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!