Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lilly here, Lilly there, Lilly, Lilly everywhere!

I'm back from my vacay! So many wonderful stories and pictures to share.
Until then, this is my life...
But really, I feel like dying because the site crashed one trillion times. After I got up at 7:30 to be ready for it!
I did manage to get an order in, though...I think. Hoping it goes through!
Personally I think LP should have sales like this periodically...not just 1-2 times a year. Then maybe the lay-days wouldn't go so cray-cray.
Myself included.
Just a thought.
I also shared some DIY Lilly crafts on instagram that I will share here, too!
Shift Dress Wall Piece
For this, I bought the wood piece at Michael's and painted it white. Then, I used a Sharpie paint pen (pink) to write the words.
For the dresses, I drew a shift pattern, traced it onto old agenda pages and cut them out!
Allie, of Creativity and Cardigans, inspired this craft with this post! She has so many awesome DIY projects with wonderful directions!
DIY Frame
I bought the wood frame at Michael's (at the time 2/$1) - can be any shape/size! Again, I used old agenda sheets and used Mod Podge to apply! I put a layer of Mod Podge down, put down the paper, and then applied a layer on top. I left a space at the top blank to paint white and I added the Lilly quote!
I've seen this project floating around...it seems to be a favorite!
These are both super easy to make and super cute!
I also must give my little brother credit for doing this amazing You Gotta Regatta inspired canvas for me!
He's the bomb.
Enough Lilly talk for today.


  1. I LOVE THE SHIFTS!!!! They look exactly like the magnets! Hoping your order goes through too :)

  2. Aw love your frame, too!! So tired of all the sale "drama," but very glad to grab a few steals!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!