Monday, August 6, 2012

Recently I...

...watched the last games of summer ball...
 The mustangs made it to the playoffs this year, but unfortunately didn't make it out of the first round where they lost two to the #1 seed, the Edenton Steamers.
The returning players from last year...a great group of guys!

...enjoyed a day at the lake...
Although I don't live at the beach, which would be ideal, I do live about 20 minutes away from Claytor Lake State Park! They have a beach/swimming area, camping grounds, hiking and biking trails, pontoon/boat/jet ski rentals, etc. It's an awesome park and we love to go there for the day to swim!
This time it was for our last field trip of the summer. My usual tan-then-swim routine was replaced with frolicking through the shallow end with my favorite kiddies! I had so much fun with them, and we had a cookout for lunch!

...caught a couple cat naps with Belle...
snoozin with steven
 This kitty cat likes to nap! She runs around constantly, chasing strings and Sadie's tail, but eventually she settles down -- usually on your lap or chest. I love kitten cuddles :)
Today is Belle's 2 month birthday!

...dodged rain drops & ate lots of food at Steppin' Out...
 Giant sicilian slice from PK's...yum! And for only $3!
 GOBBLE CAKES!! So excited for their grand opening!
We tried the "Old Faithful" (yellow cake, chocolate frosting) and the "Huckleberry" (cinnamon blueberry cake, cream cheese frosting) -- to. die. for.

It literally almost rained the ENTIRE weekend of Steppin' Out. It was such a bummer! Unfortunately it wasn't the rain that you could walk with an umbrella in comfortably and still look at booths. Most booths closed up until the rain left, which wasn't quickly. It was still a wonderful weekend downtown, though!
I got Sadie a new bandana that slips over her collar:
Picked one that she can wear anytime! Especially now during the Olympics!

...won an amazing giveaway from Chicago Prepster and Bridier Baubles...
How cute is this Cece Stack?? I wanted to share it with you all because I know I have some jewelry lovers out there, and this bracelet doesn't disappoint! It's one bracelet made to look like multiples. It goes on like a spiral. I love all of the colors in it! I wore it the other day with my LP Peel and Eat skort! It was perfect!

Today starts my week off! I'm going to be moving into my new apartment this and updates to come on that! Hoping to have a super organized closet and a room with more of a theme.

Happy Monday!


  1. Looked like a great weekend (despite the rain)

  2. I have to stop reading - you are making me so jealous!! Ahhh can't wait to be back in the burg in a few weeks ;) and I LOVE the Cece stack - adorable!!

  3. Your precious kitty is too cute!! Great new bracelet..I love winning giveaways and getting to try neat new things!!

  4. Your precious kitty is too cute!! Great new bracelet..I love winning giveaways and getting to try neat new things!!

  5. Ahhh I've been to Martinsville before with a friend! Those cupcakes look so yummy, and I love the bracelets you won!

  6. haha! I can't get over what snuggle bugs your cats are! So cute!!

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Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!