Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Most Worn Items In My Closet

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Just Peachy
Today's Topic: Most Worn Items in Your Closet

Top 5 Tuesday: Closet

1. Lilly Pulitzer Avery Skirt :: This was either my first or second Lilly piece! I love the print, fit and feel of this skirt. It looks adorable and can be dressed up or down, really. I love wearing it!

2. Solid Cotton Tanks :: Specifically, the ones from LOFT! They're so soft and comfortable. I'll wear these by themselves or under a cardigan! They do sales all the time on them, so I wouldn't ever buy them full price :) I have one in almost every color.

3. Norts :: Is there any explanation needed? They almost have their own drawer now. Comfy. Easy to throw on. Fun colors. Can be monogrammed. End of story.

4. Cardigans :: Cardigans are my #1 fall staple. They go with everything! Dresses, a blouse and skirt, a tank and pants...etc. Another article of clothing I aim to have one of every color in. I love the cardigans at Target, J. Crew, and Old Navy.

5. Denim :: This goes for shorts, jeans, jackets, tops...anything denim - just not all together at the same time ;) 90's anyone?
I love jeans...especially finding ones that fit like a glove. I also love to pair a jean jacket with my outfits! Especially dresses or a nice top and chino pants.

What are the five most worn items in your closet? Do we share any favorites?
Off to my second day of classes!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I've been living in norts lately too! I never understood what the big deal was with them until I bought a few pairs. Oh my word. I want every color now!

  2. Amen to Norts and cardis! If only I could wear them together... I have a horrible habit already of pairing Norts with Jacks! Aaaaaand a giant t-shirt :)


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