Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Five!

1. Shamrockin' Run
It's official...I'm signed up for the Yuenling Shamrock/Anthem 1/2 Marathon!
It's on March, 17 in Va Beach! I'm running with my older brother and my goal is to beat my time from my first half- 2:13. I'm really excited! If any of my running friends will be there, holla!

2. She Reads Truth
I recently discovered "She Reads Truth"...anyone following this reading plan?
I'm still getting a hang of it all, with the YouVersion app and everything, so I'd love to hear any tips y'all have.  I started late in the Advent reading plan so I'm trying to catch up so I can be more engaged in the conversations online.
So far I love the short passage readings and devotional content! Really makes me think!
3. Carrie in Concert!
My big Christmas present was...two tickets to see Carrie Underwood in March!! Hunter Hayes will be there too!
One week after my half-marathon, I'll be jammin' in the 15th row on the floor! THANK YOU MAMA!!
Today, my Hokies take on Rutgers in the Russell Athletic Bowl down in Orlando! I wish I could be there (where it's warm and sunny) but you bet I'll be screaming and cheering in front of the TV here in Blacksburg! Hoping to end this season on a good note!
I know all of my Hokie girls out there have goosebumps.
P.S. Is it weird that I shed a tear when I think about only having one more semester here?!?!

5. Bean Boots
My other big Christmas gift was from my boyfriend & his mom...bean boots! I had them on my list and my mom relayed the information to him, I guess!
Anyway, I lovvvve them! It snowed here on the 26th so I was able to try them out yesterday when he gave them to me :) They are going to be perfect for any nasty weather that may be headed our way.
So happy with them!

TGIF! Have a great day!
Annnnnnnd GO HOKIES!!!!!



  1. I read She Reads Truth as well but I haven't really found a solution except having the blogposts emailed to me so that when I read on You Version I just click over there.

  2. Jealous that you get to see Carrie and Hunter!! I almost bought tickets, but didn't. :)

  3. Love your Bean boots! One of my goals is to run a half marathon, so I think it's awesome that you're on your second!

  4. I'll be your virtual support for your half marathon because I obviously won't be there. :) I'm training for my 2nd half too so we'll have to hold each other accountable for our tough runs ahead! :)

  5. Congrats on signing up for your second half marathon! I'll be rooting you on! Also, what great presents - Carrie Underwood (have fun!!!) and Bean Boots!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!