Thursday, August 1, 2013

Looking Forward to August

Although this has been a very long summer for us, I still can't believe it's already August!

My days at work have flown by...we've been on lots of fun field trips & still have a couple more in store! Last week we went to the VA Safari Park, which is one of my favorites!

As the eighth month begins, I can't help but think of all there is to look forward to as summer begins to wind down -- boo :(

Increasing Mileage
I am actually pretty excited to increase my mileage this month. I am anxious to start using gels and liquids on runs so I can get my body used to them. I'll probably use my own gels and such during my races because I can't trust what flavors are provided and some of them grosssssss me out.

James Moves to TX
My big brother is moving to Texas at the end of the month! My mom is driving out with him on the 23rd and hopefully I'll be able to visit soon. He's moving to Austin, which is where Steven is from, so it's kinda fun :)

Summer Classes - Check!
As of August 17th, I'll be done with my first 2 graduate classes! I am SO looking forward to two weeks off...driving to Roanoke is getting kinda old. Those two weeks will also be my weeks off from work so I hope I can find something fun to do!!

Official Anniversary
Steven and I have an "official yet unofficial" dating anniversary of August 26th. It's a long story, but although we were together before that date, it's the date that we use. That means this will be 5 "official yet unofficial" years for us. More officially its like 5.75 years :) Confusing enough for you?
Unfortunately the 26th is when Steven will start his last semester so we will have to celebrate early!

This weekend is the annual Steppin' Out festival in Blacksburg. Definitely a huge tradition for the town & my family! Lots of music, performances, handmade crafts, food, etc. Excited to see what fun stuff I can find :) 

What are you most looking forward to this month?
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