Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Teacher Talk :: About Me

I am so excited to be joining Teacher Talk with Jamie and Nicole!
 Today's post is all about me -- teacher style :)
What I Teach: I am here as a future teacher. I will graduate with my Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education from Mary Baldwin College in 2015 - which seems like a long way away!
Although I will be happy and lucky to teach anywhere, when I have my teaching license I would love to find a 1st grade teaching position.  I'm definitely more comfortable in K-2.
I recently did a year-long internship in kindergarten and am preparing for a semester-long internship in 4th grade.  In the spring semester I have two internships I need to do and need to choose different grades!
You'll have to let me know your favorite grade to help me decide :)
Why I Teach: I've wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a little girl. I played "school" with my younger brother and would teach him everything I learned from my own teacher that day.  When I went to college, I was a little lost.  I was in a science based major and felt unmotivated and overwhelmed.  I decided to switch majors during my second semester and have been happy ever since.
I want to teach because I want to "give back" in a sense to the amazing teachers I had growing up.  There are a couple in particular that were more like family to me and they made coming to school fun.  Learning was fun. I hate to see kids who dread coming to school and think it's pointless. I want to be a teacher so that I can be the change for someone.  I want to show them that learning can be fun and that having an education is one of the most important things in life.
I want the challenge.  I want the constant change.  I want the surprises of each new day.  I want to grow and learn with my students, because I know they will teach me more than I will teach them.  I want to create a safe, fun and engaging environment for them.
For the kid who has no support at home, I'll be their support.  For the kid who has never been told "You're smart", I will be there to tell them.  For the kid who needs a hug, I will give them one.
I want to teach so that I can celebrate reading achievements with a struggling reader...so that I can share joyful moments with parents...so that I can rave to everyone about my awesome, inspiring students.
It's like they say -- it's not about the income, it's about the outcome.
Where I Live: I currently live in Blacksburg, Virginia which is a small town in Southwest Virginia. Home of Virginia Tech, where I went to school for undergrad. I graduated last May and approximately five days later started classes with Mary Baldwin.  I commute about 45 minutes to Roanoke for classes at MBC's satellite campus.
When I teach, I have no idea where I will live! When it comes time to apply for jobs, in about a year and a half, I will probably be looking all over Virginia. I really love Virginia and would love to teach here, especially since I will have a VA license. However, if life takes a turn and I end up somewhere else I will be just as happy. You just never know...!
So happy you stopped by! Say hi in the comments so I can check out your blog! I would love to hear from and meet other future teachers AND current teachers!
Hope y'all have a great week!
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  1. Hmm a favourite grade....I am personally very attached to special education but I also love grade 2. They are so full of energy, curiosity and happiness at that age!

    Good luck in your future career! Sounds like you are doing it for wonderful reasons :)

  2. I am also still a student but am hoping to teach 1st grade as well! I have worked in every grade K-3. If you have done Kindergarten and 4th, I would suggest 2nd grade. I worked in a second grade classroom for 2 years and loved it!! Good luck with school!

  3. Okay, you have the cutest blog ever!! I love it! I can't wait to see how you like fourth grade. I've heard that it is a really good one! Really liked your quote "its not about the income its about the outcome." SO TRUE!! So glad to have you in the link up!

  4. Sarah! I think I'm your teacher link-up partner. I can't wait to get to know you and encourage you this fall. I'm glad you're getting to test out two different grades. I personally love P-3, but that's just me :) I love your blog--it's adorable! Can you design mine?! Haha.

    Praying for you during this special time of growth and learning!


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