Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{Moments :: Memories}

This week is going to be a week of change.
For my family, for Steven, for me.
I have set a challenge for myself and that is: enjoy each and every moment.
 I get too caught up in silly things, such as waiting for an online sale to begin or what posts I might be missing on Instagram that I miss out on moments -- and then, they're simply memories.

The most special memories I have are of moments where I was truly engaged with what was going on. Those are the memories that I cherish, and I want more of them.
This week, in which I say "see you later" to my older brother and boyfriend, I am going to challenge myself to be completely involved and engaged with everything happening around me.

Yes, that might mean less time on social media, but I think ahead a week when I'm sitting at home doing diddly squat and I'll have my phone and computer sitting next to me, but will I have those boys with me?
This is their time...not my time.
My older brother leaves on Thursday & Steven leaves this weekend.
Challenge: accepted!
Are you challenging yourself to anything this week?
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  1. Good for you Sarah!! Once you are back, make sure you check out my blog...I am FINALLY back!


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