Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday: James is OUT OF THE NAVY!

Six years have come and passed.
From Chicago, IL to Charleston, SC to Norfolk, VA.
2 deployments on the Big E.
My big brother is {unofficially} out of the Navy.
Graduating from Boot Camp in 2007 - Chicago, IL
James went to boot camp in 2007. He spent his 21st birthday in boot camp - parrrrrty! - and we drove up to Chicago for his graduation. This seems like soooo long ago! He has such a baby face.

Graduating from "Nuke School" in 2008 - Charleston, SC
James went to school in Charleston, SC, somewhere we had nooo problem visiting! I absolutely love the architecture, food and environment that Charleston has to offer!

First deployment in January 2011 - Norfolk, VA

Coming Home in July 2011 - Norfolk, VA

Coming home from second deployment in November 2012 - Norfolk, VA
 Came home on his birthday!

Leaving Ghent in 2013 - Norfolk, Va...Austin bound!

We were so lucky to have James in Norfolk for the past couple of years. He could have been anywhere from Georgia to Hawaii. We were able to see him quite often and were able to make it to each deployment send off & return. These six years have seriously flown by!

He is currently on the road, probably somewhere in Tennessee, moving to Austin! So excited to visit in December!!

So thankful for my brother's service to our country and God Bless those who continue to serve!

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  1. I am so happy for you! Many thanks to your brother for his service to our country-- I admire him and your family so much!

  2. :) :) :) Tell him thanks for serving.
    That's neat you got to experience those times with him!


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