Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Letters

Hope y'all had a great weekend! I did some homework, watched my Hokies get their 5th win in a row WOO! and ran 12 miles.
To try and keep up with this blogging thang, I am writing some letters!
Here we go.. 

Dear October, I love you, but please stop feeling like June. I'm pretty sure I got sunburned this weekend.

Dear marathon training, I could not be more excited for you to end. Not because I don't like running, but because every time I think, "Wow, what a perfect time for a nap," I actually get up and do a run. I miss my naps.

Dear Target, can you please move your one spot section to the back of the store? I am in debt seriously because I buy thousands of things that only cost $1...because you know, since they only cost $1 I can fill the cart. Sheesh.

Dear Steven, thanks for coming to see me next weekend. I have Hokie tickets for us. Can't wait!

Dear grad school, as much as I would love to spend every waking minute dedicated to you, sometimes a girl has gotta get on hulu+ and be done for the day.

Dear Halloween Oreos, why do you taste so much better than regular Oreos? Should never have put THOSE in the cart...

Today I'm off to 4th grade & then to SPEEDY LIZARDS RUNNING CLUB! Going to go hang out with the future marathoners of America :)

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  1. Seriously - I am ready for some cool weather. I did finally pull out my J. Crew vest this morning!!


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