Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. What color are your toenails painted?

OPI Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot! I love this one so much I keep repainting them!

2. What color are your fingernails painted?

Same as the toes! However, I just got a new OPI color that I'm going to switch to tomorrow...
OPI Do you think I'm Tex-y?
3. What is your favorite brand of nail polish?

OPI...even though it's certainly not the least expensive! (Unfortunately)

4. As the norm, do you DIY your nails or get mani/pedis?

Normally I DIY but I used to get them done a lot! Whenever I'm in the mood for a french manicure I get them done because I don't have that much patience (and my hands are shaky) to do them myself.

5. Have you ever had a gel mani? Do you recommend it?

I've only had acrylic but I heard gel are better for your nails!

6. What is the last movie you watched on television? (TV, Netflix, Redbox, etc.)

I'm watching 27 Dresses right now. Love this movie :)

7. What is the last movie you watched in the cinema?

Harry Potter 7 Pt. 2! The midnight showing in Norfolk, in fact.

8. Is there a movie that everyone talks about as if it is a classic but you haven't seen?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...The Goonies...A Christmas Story...SB teases me about this all the time!

9. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

That's a tough one...The Sound of Music is a classic, but (i'm embarrassed) the Twilight saga movies actually have really good soundtracks!

10. Have you ever seen a movie and thought it was better than the book it was based on?

I don't think that's possible...

Y'all can still play along even though it's almost wednesday. Or save it for next week :)
Goodnight, all!


  1. I'm watching 27 Dresses right now! And I've got "Don't You Think I'm Texy?" on my toes. weird coincidence. Have a great day!

    XO Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  2. I LOVE 27 Dresses! It's one of my favorites!:)

    Shelby xoxo


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