Saturday, July 9, 2011

One Lovely Blog

Today I received the One Lovely Blog award from Shelby at Sweet Confessions ! It means a lot to me that other people are reading what I write and looking at all the silly, random pictures I post and appreciating them! Thanks Shelby for the award and the support :) Who knew blogging could be so fun!

Here are some fun pictures I took the past couple of days:

 Our field trip this week was to the Motor Mile Speedway. The kids had a blast (mostly because they had a pretty awesome playground) but unfortunately there weren't any drivers and the kids weren't allowed down on the track! That was a bummer but it made Ms. Sarah add "Attend race" to her bucket list for sure.

I learned I can pick one color on my camera for it to separate from black and white. Cool or weird?? I think it's pretty cool!

SB got in to pitch.

Color effects + Action shot...

Jessi & I went to Panera today (which for us is no shocker...we live there) and I got a frozen strawberry lemonade. Holy smokes, it was delicious! Then, after finishing some painting, we got The Switch from Redbox and then ordered Olive Garden To Go! ... wowzers, I will be needing to hit up Jazzercise for sure next week but it was so delicious! I've never ordered it to-go before...definitely worth it.

My items from Vera Bradley came in the mail yesterday. Perfect timing, if you ask me. I got this beach towel in Blue Lagoon for when I spend my one, precious day on the shore next Thursday:
I also got this hard eyeglass case in Make Me Blush for my new glasses that, coincidentally, were also ready to be picked up yesterday!
*Those are not my glasses. Similar though!

Pretty excited! Mom also got a coin purse in Simply Violet to hold all of her various cards!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend :) I'm getting to the second coat of paint tomorrow & then heading down to SB's game in North Carolina!

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