Sunday, July 3, 2011

Brought to you courtesy of the red, white and blue

Hot summer night + baseball + watermelon + sweet tea + fireworks = America.

Last night was so much fun!! We got to the game early, which is always good, and found some seats right away. First we were sitting in general admission because the reserved seats we got were in the section (literally) on top of the dugout. We couldn't really see from there, so we toughed it out in general admission (where I got to do some awesome people watching & make funny faces at SB the whole time) and then in the 4th inning we switched to some open seats in reserved section behind the plate.

They had a special 4th of July night so that meant $2 sweet tea, $1 watermelon slices and FIREWORKS! I absolutely LOVED that they played music along with their fireworks. They played about 4 or 5 songs all the way was a legitimate firework display. Very impressive and very fun to be sitting at the field with SB watching!

After all that we didn't end up getting home until 1:00 this morning. It was exhausting, but worth it!

Can't wait for tomorrow! Parade at 2:00, free showing of Remember The Titans at 4:00 and fireworks at night :)

Today I slept in late but then was unsuccessful at finding a glue gun (without going to Christiansburg) and unsuccessful at using a coupon for a smoothie at McDonald's. They said they "don't use those"...!!???!? Not okay with me.
I have retreated back to Maple and am in my comfy clothes about to plop & watch The Bachelorette.
This week my online class starts, so here's to one night of complete freedom :)

Sorry this was so much rambling...I'll be back with fun stuff later ;)

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