Saturday, July 23, 2011

TLC Summer

One of my favorite TV channels is TLC. They have only a few shows that I'm not a fan of. It's 'TLC Summer' now and here are some of my favorites!

My first absolute favorite: Say Yes To The Dress
I cannot even imagine spending the amount of money that these girls do on a dress, but I lovvvve this show! I also like the Atlanta version and the Bridesmaids version :) I appreciate that the Atlanta girls kick out the fiance if the bride brings's supposed to be a surprise!! I definitely want to bring a big crowd with me when it's my turn (since I'm so indecisive) I just hope I don't get stuck like some of the girls who are so excited in the fitting room and then their family hates it! Eek!

My second favorite: Cake Boss
Buddy and his family run a Bake Shop in Hoboken where they make absolutely amazing cakes! I love this show because, since it's family run, they are always teasing each other, playing pranks and arguing in their big New Jersey accents. It's hilarious to watch and looks like so much fun.
Aren't those amazing? I definitely recommend this show if you haven't seen it :) Buddy also has Kitchen Boss now which is his own cooking show! Lots of italian favorites.

My third favorite: The Little Couple
Bill and Jen are such a great couple, and they have super successful lives even though they're under 4 feet tall! Jen is a doctor and they are trying to start a family now. They've gone through a lot to get pregnant - I feel sorry for them! But they hardly ever get mad, they're always in such good moods. I love to watch them! And I love Jen's laugh. It's a laugh that makes me laugh. I want to know them in real life!

My fourth and final favorite: Surprise Homecoming
You know when you're bored and you look up warm & fuzzy videos on youtube? Like proposals and homecomings? Maybe that's just me, but anyway this is a whole hour! If you haven't seen this, I warn you...grab some Kleenex! Billy Ray Cyrus hosts this homecoming show about military men and women coming home early and surprising their family members. The first episode I watched with Mom was the week before James came home. It definitely pumped us up for his homecoming (even though it wasn't a surprise)!

These are just four of my many favorites on TLC! What do y'all like to watch throughout the summer?

happy weekend :)


  1. I watch Say Yes to the Dress all the time!:) I love it!

  2. I love TLC! I'm looking forward to the Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaid version! Have a great rest of your weekend

    Emily @


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