Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Current Obsessions

1. Tracking my Erin Condren Life Planner
 First of all, I SERIOUSLY hope you've taken advantage of the SUPER nice coupon Erin Condren has given her fans! Until the 28th you can use the code XOXO20 for $20 off ANY order!! You can only use the code once, unless you're me and you buy something and then have your mom buy you something else on her account ;) I am twiddling my thumbs waiting for my life planner to arrive - it has been shipped! It was shipped on Friday. I also got some notepads -- the ones that are $20...aka I only had to pay for shipping. BOOM.

2. Infinity Scarves
 I know these aren't a "new" fad by any means, but I am just loving on them recently.  Old Navy and Target have some really cute ones right now! I am trying to limit the number of days I wear them because if it were up to me, they'd be on EVERYday.
3. Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T Pullover
 Another deal I scored this month was on a pullover from Patagonia! I scored this during their end of winter sale and it was down to $71 - normally $120. Still a little pricey for my college student budget, but I had just received my tax return in the mail and thought - heck - Happy Valentine's Day to me!
Still fighting with how to wash it though...I washed it on it's own, then tumble dried...it was sopping wet! 
4. Cadbury Mini Eggs
 Now that Valentine's Day is over and St. Patrick's Day isn't a big "candy" day, Target has their aisles coated in pastel pink, green and yellow all ready for Easter! Which I can' believe is almost only one month away - March 31st. I just can't help myself when I see these little eggs on sale. They are definitely in my Top 5 candies & worth an extra 20 minutes at the gym.
5. Baseball Season is HERE!
 Steven traveled to UNC Wilmington this past weekend for opening weekend. I cannot believe it's already time to get into baseball mode! I was really bummed they didn't open at Davidson like they usually do, because I wasn't able to see the games.
Hopefully come March I can make it to some games! And, at least he still has one more year so I'm not thinking "This is the last time....." quite yet. :)
What are you obsessing over this week?
I have an Influenster Box review coming up! Woohoo!
Happy Tuesday :)
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  1. Ah! I'll have to look into Erin Condren stuff.
    Enjoy your patagonia!


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