Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day & Grad School

I hope y'all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
It's important to realize this holiday isn't just about being lovey dovey with a significant other.
To me, it's about celebrating anything in your life that you love or that represents love in your life.
Yes, that very well could be a significant other. I sure do love mine -- even if we aren't able to spend this day together.

But for me, love is a lot of other things.
Love is:
-pink & red m&ms
-puppy snuggles
-finding time to call your family
-snagging the last of your size in a beautiful shirt
-hugs from five-year-olds
-finishing a good book
-remembering birthdays
-father-daughter dances
-the smell of rain
-reading to a child
-cuddly kittens
-sending snail mail
-a homemade gift
-a wordless hug
-singing at the top of your lungs in the car
-a strand of pearls
-a vanilla scented candle
-taking a walk together
-telling someone they are appreciated
-adopting a rescue animal
-a random act of kindness
What does love mean to you?

 I certainly wish I could spend today with my valentine, but instead I'm going to celebrate in kindergarten! I am very excited :)

I'm alsooooo excited because I finally heard back about graduate school!
I was accepted to Mary Baldwin College in Virginia into their Graduate Teacher Education program!!
I am thrilled to have this opportunity. I'll start the program this summer and be done in 2 year - with my masters degree & teaching license! AH!

It's definitely been a good week on my end!

Have a sweet, loving day! Happy Valentine's Day from me to you!
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  1. I love your list of things the define love! Such a good reminder. And a BIG congrats on grad school!! Yay!!

  2. this was a sweet post to read. and congrats on the college acceptance! i live in VA and it's such an AMAZING state. the best even. ;) is that your top choice?

  3. Congratulations! So so exciting!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!