Monday, February 18, 2013

Race & Movie Recap!

On Saturday I ran my first race of 2013! The Blacksburg Classic, right here in town.
 The race had two distance options - 5K and 10 mile. I chose to run the 10 mile as training race for my half-marathon.
The weather was chillllyyyyy and there were flurries falling during race time.
However, I had my new Target capri tights on, ready to go, and was overall happy with my performance! I wanted to finish around 1:30 and I ended up (my watch said) 1:30:41 which was about a 9:03 average mile. I'm not sure what time my chip recorded, but I'm sure it was slower than that since I started behind the technical start line.
I didn't want to "race" this race, but rather take it as a training run. I think I definitely accomplished what I wanted to.
Mom was there walking the 5K and was at the finish line to cheer me in! That is definitely one thing I miss about racing - the finish line is the best.

On Sunday, Mom and I went to see Safe Haven.
 Now, I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan so I was really excited to see this movie - especially because this book was one of my FAVORITES!
For me, the movie did not disappoint.  I think the actors were perfect for their roles - especially creepy Kevin - and it stuck to the book pretty well.
If you haven't read the book or seen the movie, I suggest reading the book first, of course :)
However, I am interested in hearing a review from someone who did NOT read the book and saw the movie first.  There is somewhat of a twist at the end that I wonder if people saw coming or not! Obviously I did since I read the book, but I'm not sure it would be clear if you hadn't.
Either way, I definitely recommend this movie!

Have you seen Safe Haven yet? What did you think?

Hope y'all have a great week - and if you're lucky enough to have today off, have a great 3rd day of your weekend!
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  1. I can't wait to see Safe Haven! I love anything Nicholas Sparks!


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