Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Thoughts

This week has been exhausting.
I had such a good weekend in Fairfax, but when you travel and then jump right back into the school/work week, you don't have time to catch up on anything - especially sleep.

Anyone else feel like they need a weekend to recover from their weekend??

I'm feeling sort of stressed/anxious/unsure about a lot of things.
I am turning to these mantras this week:
{things will work out}

{i have so much to be thankful for}

{all I can do - leaving the rest up to God}

{God has a plan for me -- good things will come into my life at the right time}

{ain't that the truth}

Have a SUPER Thursday!
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  1. SO sorry we didn't get to see each other this weekend :( hopefully you will be up again soon or I am sure I will be down your way soon too! I hope your hectic schedule gets better!! I finally started blogging regularly again...make sure you check it out! I will add your button!


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!