Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thank You & Holiday Blog Challenge

First of all, thank y'all SO MUCH for the birthday wishes!! I smiled so big reading each one! I have the best blog followers :)

My birthday dinner was great! I got chicken fajita tacos and a pineapple infusion margarita...yum! Although, the best part might have been my cupcake cake...

Penguin rings! I know I'm an adult now, but I still will admit that I love penguins & anything with penguins on them! Needless to say I was very excited to see this!

B patt & I!

It looks like no one was there...and that is somewhat true. Haha, on a Monday night they aren't too crowded! Which was nice...quick food! Dad got me a shirt from Awful Arthurs (one of my favorite restaurants!), a necklace and some peach wine from Amrhein Winery in VA...Mom got me a stacked cupcake carrier (very exciting to me!) with a lid/holder and a gold/silver watch! I was very happy!

Onto other business!

Day 7: How do YOU celebrate the Holidays?

I celebrate with my family! I always sleep at home and the next day we all open presents/have a chill day in our Christmas pajamas! I also make a trip to my Dad's house in Richmond, usually before Christmas!
Steven spends Christmas in PA with his extended family so I don't usually see him until closer to his birthday on the 30th.  This year, though, he is coming home for a day when he gets done with finals! Yippee!

Here are some fun pictures from the past two years celebrating with friends...

Freshman Year - Suite Decorating Contest:
Our pictures on the mantle...the sign says "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle!"
Awesome snowflakes made by the architecture major roomie!
Four of us were reindeers while the other two led the sleigh! This was so funny...
Our tree!
We were Suite 300 - Suite 3 Ho Ho!
Sophomore Year - didn't take many pictures of our tree/decorations but we did have a high school reunion/Christmas party!

Blacksburg girls!
Us 4...we used to be INSEPARABLE. The girl next to me is at App State and the third one is at New College in Florida! Sarah squared stuck to VT!

Here is my tree in my room now :)

It's a baby tree I got for only $2 at the thrift store! Woohoo!

How do YOU celebrate? I'll have many more pictures to share in just a couple of weeks! I can't wait!

I have two finals down and three to go - they're next Mon, Tues and Wed! I have a little break now and am so thankful!
New Year's Eve (the movie) comes out in three days! Who else is excited to see that?? :)



  1. Happy belated birthday!! So sorry I'm late. And good luck on finals!

  2. Fajita tacos and the marg sound wonderful!

  3. I love anything with penguins!! Our Christmas cards this year even have penguins on the front. :o)

    I am soooo excited to see New Years Eve!!!!


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