Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Loves

Here's a little peek at my weekend in Richmond!

Wine Tasting at James River Winery

Christmas Shopping at Ashland Berry Farm

Lots of Puppy Loving (3 out of the 4)

Going to see Christmas lights Downtown

Having an early Christmas

Got my UVA Dad some Hokie Red wine!
So excited to start cookin'!
Parody on the classic. Cutest book ever.

Happy last week before Christmas :)

I'm off to work today - three full days with the kiddos this week!


  1. looks like you had an awesome weekend :o) I would love to get my hands on that book ... too funny! haha

    Happy last week before Christmas! xo

  2. Love the picture of you and your dad... so cute that you gave him Hokie wine ;). And I need to read that book, looks hilarious!!! Hope you are having a wonderful break :)

  3. Looks like you had a fun weekend! I love your red coat in one of your pictures! :)

  4. Wow!! You had an exciting weekend!! I would love to go to a wine tasting sometime and the place you went shopping looks so cute! I love goodnight ipad... that sounds hilarious. I'll have to check it out!! P.S. your red coat is adorable!

  5. Looks like an amazing weekend! I think I need to read Goodnight iPad since I loved the children's book Goodnight moon.
    You will have to let me know how great Paula's Southern Cooking Bible is because I am debating asking for it for my Birthday next month.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! The Christmas lights look so pretty! Goodnight iPad... too funny! I need to check that out.

  7. Looks like fun! You know I've only done 1 out of those 3 things and I live in Richmond? haha glad you had fun!! :)

  8. Can't believe you were in the Mond this weekend! I drove by the downtown lights but didn't stop because I was cold HAHA! Glad to see you had fun in this lovely city!

  9. What a fun weekend! And I LOVE all the lights!

  10. Aw that all looks amazing! What an amazing way to start the Christmas week?


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!