Saturday, June 23, 2012

summer solstice festival

Today in Blacksburg is the 5th Annual Summer Solstice Festival.

Last night they kicked off the festival with a miniature carnival set up right in downtown!
It was so cute and fun. Seemed to be geared toward a younger crowd (more rides for ages 10 and under) but there was a ride that was for the older crowd - or daring kids - but there was no way I was going on it! I was told it was used as a flight simulator? Anyway, you're in a rocket looking thing and it goes around and backwards and the rocket twists so you aren't ever completely upside down.
It still seems scary to me! I'm not a rollercoaster/heights type of person, if you couldn't tell. My little brother went on it, though, so I got to live adventurously through him!

Of course, going to the carnival isn't complete without getting some otherwise unhealthy food. I had to decide between a funnel cake and deep fried Oreos (you aren't living until you've tried those...)
Anyway, it was a tough call, but I went with the funnel cake!
It was a wonderful decision! I shared it with my Mom and brother. Yummmm!

After that, Mom and I headed down to The Cellar (one of my favorite places in Blacksburg, fyi) for some pizza and drinks. It was such a nice night to sit outside and we scored one of the best seats!

Today, the rest of the festival is in action! There is live music, vendors, a beer garden, a dog parade, a sand castle contest, crafts, wing eating contest, and a 5K race at 8 pm!

I'm crossing my fingers for no rain! Last year (and yesterday) it poured for about twenty minutes. Typical summer weather...sunny, hot, humid, thunderstorm, back to humid!

I hope everyone has some fun weekend plans lined up!
If not, you can head to Blacksburg ;)


  1. Sounds like fun! And I'm really craving funnel cake now.

  2. I love festivals! We try to attend every single one we can each year. I've rode that rocket thing before. Trust me it's scary. You don't go upside down but nose diving toward the ground isn't much better. I'm a chicken though. OMG your funnel cake looked good although I would have had to went with the Oreo's. They are my favorite.


Thank you for the sweet comments! xo!